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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 57: Watching a Movie

Music: Hidden Proof

I decided I needed some fresh air and headed into town. It's that time of year again. The streets are packed with people looking for presents. Before I even know it, I've taken myself into a back alley, away from all the commotion. It's not long before I find myself going into an old movie theatre nearby.

Mean-looking guy with a heart of gold saves a village from bandits. Everyone loves him. The woman and the kid want him to stay but he knows he's gotta move on... Brilliant stuff. In a certain light, the profile of the star reminds me a little of my dad. I let out a sigh.

The building looks decrepit, like it knows its days are numbered. I look up...

Is somebody up there?

*Kyle enters the building*

Somebody's coming down the stairs.

Music: Town Dyed Purple

Oh look, a new character. In chapter 5 out of 10 and never alluded to (except the fact that one occupied room is still unaccounted for).

Hello there.
Who are you?
What's the matter, too good to even say hello?
Not that I mind.
I'm Will White from room 306.

(After giving the guy a good looking over, I seem to recall seeing him once before.)

Will is basically . Spoiler: Including this one, we're going to meet him a grand total of 4 times.

I must apologise.

It's not our fault you're even more forgettable than Charles

Especially since I know exactly who you are.
You live in room 202. Mr Hyde, right?
That's right.
Sorry I didn't recognise you just now.
It's no problem. Don't give it a second thought.
I'm a salesman, myself. I spend so much time away from here on business.

Honest question here: Does anyone who played this game remembers this guy?

(Seems like the do-gooder, gentleman type. Exact polar opposite to the type of salesman I am.)

He seems like a worse salesman than Kyle. It used to be a big statement, but now not so much.

I'd look forward to becoming a closer acquaintance with you, Mr Hyde,
But as you know, we're both about to leave this place.
Looks like the most appropriate thing we can say would be along the lines of, it's a shame.
You got that right.
Excuse me if I'm a little forward, Mr Hyde, but about leaving this place...
Have you heard any further information from Mrs Patrice?
I'm especially interested in finding out exactly why she decided to sell all of a sudden.
She just said that it's tough for one woman alone to run a place like this.
Not to mention the recent bout of trouble that's been happening.

Um... What trouble?

I can fully appreciate how running this place alone could take it out of you.
In fact, recently I've been disturbed by noises coming from the floor above at night.
I wanted to ask her to take a look, because I can't imagine whawt could be causing it. Please excuse me, I must be going.

Will ascends the stairs and disappears out of sight.

(Will White, a man who certainly likes the sound of his own voice.)
(What he told me about the noise and the light I saw just now...)
(Might be wise to go up and have a look.)

Music: Overstepped Memory
This is our, what, fourth trip to the fourth floor? For a so-called restricted area, we sure go there a lot.

(The fire door's open.)

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Going inside...

(This door's open.)

Going inside again...

Knob (or gap)

(Someone's here.)

The man calls out without turning around.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
I thought it'd be you.
Looks like I need to add clairvoyance to the list of what handymen can do.
I just figured there's only one person round here who'd sneak in here like that.
Guess I was right, too.
Yeah, you got me.

To be fair, that assessment was totally accurate

You took a look around up on the fourth yesterday, right, Mr Hyde?
Yeah, I did a bit of snooping.
I noticed the door for 404 was unlocked, so I went inside.
You went into 404, huh?


The culprit for what?

The culprit for what?
For causing a ruckus up here. Thanks to whoever it was, Mr White from 306 complained about it to me.

(What complaint?)

Because of that, Mrs Patrice ordered me to find the cause of the noises.
As if I don't have enough to do!

Music: Gusty Town

Show 1967 hotel photo
This looks like it's an old photograph of this building. Am I right?

We actually have a new item here: Sales Earnings. The amount changes on how many items we've sold (ending in $6 or $9 depending on the Snow Globe). Showing it results in the same dialogue as normal cash ($5).

The amount on sales earnings is pretty much the only thing that changes depending on who we sold the items to. Well, that, the novel, the items left in the box, and probably 2 lines from the tenants we did business with/pissed off.

What kind of complaint?

What kind of complaint was made?
Apparently there was some sort of loud noise all of a sudden from this floor.
Mr White was woken up by it and decided to complain.
That explains what he was telling me when we spoke a little earlier.
I got the impression that it doesn't take much to get his panties in a bunch.
He's the kind of guy who pays too much attention to even the tiniest things,
Always ready to complain. To tell the truth, I don't really get on with him.
I couldn't agree more, and I've only ever spoken to him properly once.

So the meeting earlier is their first proper talk? Somehow I'm not really surprised.

That's comforting. I'm glad it's not just me being petty about something.
You see, after we last chatted, I thought that you're a really interesting guy,
And I wanted to continue our conservation from before.

(Continue our conservation?)

It's not just me either, Mr Hyde.
Mr Raver from 302 also said something about having a chat with you.

(The old man?)

Why do you want to continue our conversation?

Why do you wanna continue our conversation?
After I found out you used to be a detective?
I really wanted to hear more about the kinds of things you did back on the force.
I'm pretty sure you'd be bored by most of the stories I'd have to tell you.
I really doubt that.

Yep. Too many detective movies. I don't think Kyle will ever tell you about Bradley at this rate, Dylan.

Dylan, I'm serious.
Sorry to disappoint, but I really don't have anything exciting to share.

See what I mean?

Really? That's a shame.

Why does Frank want to talk to me?

Why does Frank wanna talk to me?
I would have thought it's because he knows you used to be a detective, too.
You and he must have a lot in common.
So should I assume that you told him all about my past, as well?
Yeah, I told him, but only because he asked me.

If Tony resembles Louie, then Dylan resembles Rosa.

When did he do that?
It was just this morning, actually.
He asked what kind of man you were.
This is what I told him:
I said you used to be a cop back in Manhattan. Then, for years back, you shot your partner, quit the force and become a salesman.

Dylan is just like Rosa except without any guilt about yapping others' backstories.

Right. I'd better be going.
Not sure how it happened, but it seems the noise came from a knocked-over floor light. We may as well leave this room together, Mr Hyde.
Actually, I'd appreciate some time to have a quick look around.
You want to look around in here?
SIf possible, yeah.
Sure, go ahead. As long as you don't damage anything.
I'll lock the place up later.
Be seeing you later, Mr Hyde.

*Thud* *Bang*

That's worrying...

Music: Creeping Shadow

Now what am I gonna do?

All right, time for our next Audience Challenge

How are we going to get out of here? Here's a hint/minor spoiler: There's pretty much nothing of value in the rest of the room.