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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 58: Fixing a Door

Music: Creeping Shadow

I know I said that the rest of the room isn't important, but let's examine them anyway.

Square table The corners of this table looks like they've been banged into the walls a few too many times.
Round table] This table has more scratches than one of my jazz records.
Curtains There are some faded curtains hanging over by the window.

(I could probably signal to someone on the street from up here.)
That's an obvious hint to what we're supposed to do. Which is why I didn't examine this room last update.
Chairs A couple of chairs are stacked together next to the tables.
(I guess they've tried to neatly pile up the unused furniture, but they didn't try too hard.)

Wall behind sofa There are stains all over the wall.
Sofa I'd search the sofa for spare change, but I expect all I'd find is dust.
Bed Just touching the bed sends a cloud of dust into the air.
Curtains The curtains have been drawn completely closed and are blocking out the light.

It's interesting how the people down there are like cardboard, just like the people we see on the map screen.

Tissue holder I guess nobody comes here to restock the toilet paper.
Toilet I'm not sure what all that black stuff is on the toilet, but I sure hope no human made it.
Mold is probably the least disgusting thing it could probably be
Faucet The taps can remain unturned for now.
Bathtub The bathtub's pretty mouldy. I'm guessing it used to actually be white all over...

Dresser This dresser's in desperate need of some attention from a feather duster.
(These old fashioned dressers must have been all the rage when this place was furnished.)
Doorknob The doorknob has fallen onto the carpet.

Zoomed-in doorknob
So this has come off.

I didn't actually show the doorknob last update, but you could probably infer from Kyle saying that the doorknob has fallen that it'd be somewhere in the room.
Stool This stool's been left on the floor. Hope no one trips over it. There's a hole in the material.
Lamp There's a big lamp lying broken on the floor.
That's the knocked-over lamp Dylan mentioned. Seems like he didn't even bother putting it back up

Before we actually try going out, though, let's take a look at our new items.

Music: Sobering Dream

This will say $6 if we didn't sell the snow globe. I don't think it actually changes anything else.

And while we're at it...

Oh hi, Mila!

Knock I could knock a thousand times. Nobody would answer.
The doorknob's come off.
This can't be good.

Let's see what the thread suggested we should do.

Mraagvpeine posted:

Don't we have a doorknob kit or something?

Well, we did, but not anymore. Kyle tossed it along with every other goods back into the box after we finish Ed's task.

What we actually have to do is hinted by the open curtains. And the reason Kyle went up here in the first place.

So this is the light switch.

We're in a minigame by interacting with a light switch. I think it's obvious what we need to do.

There go the lights...

Well, what did you expect would happen? That the lights would suddenly fizzle out and explode?

Anyway, we flip the switch again. It's not like we can do anything else here.

Maybe if I flick them on and off...

That flickering...
Is something going on up there?

Oh look, Dylan actually bothered to rescue us. This just supports my theory that the "Kyle trapped" Game Over is just Kyle being impatient.

Ah, it's you, Mr Hyde.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
I saw the light flashing on the fourth floor and thought I'd come and investigate.
When you closed the door just now, the force must have loosened the doorknob. It fell off and I couldn't open the door.
Is that so?
I'm sorry about that, Mr Hyde.
I'm just lucky you saw my signal and came to get me out.
The entire fourth floor is in pretty bad shape.
This kind of thing happens quite a lot. I'll repair it later on.
I see.
You'll be needing this, then.

Obviously Kyle won't give the doorknob if we didn't pick it up.

Okay, let's get out of here.
IF you say so.

Dylan and I leave room 405.

Go ahead.
*locks door* Right, I'm going back to my room now.

And then Dylan leaves and we're left alone, unable to go back to Room 405.

But what if, instead of us being rescued by a handyman, we try being a handyman ourselves instead?

Use doorknob on door

That should do it...

This one is simple, even if it is more complicated than just flipping the switch multiple times. First we have to move and rotate the doorknob in order to align it properly.

Make sure to align the indentation near the diamond properly. After that, we just have to move the door and the doorknob close together, just like how we moved Kyle's face closer to Mila's mouth in order to make her talk. That sounds REALLY wrong when it's put that way.

If you don't remember (or never read Hotel Dusk), we do that by closing the DS lid. I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've done that in this game.

Okay, now I should be able to get this door open.

Music: Creeping Shadow
Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
And now we're outside and able to go back into Room 405 whenever we please. I don't remember if Dylan actually locks it later, though.

With nothing more to do on the fourth floor, we go outside.

*beeping sound*

It's my pager.

Music: Overstepped Memory
On the second floor, we meet someone we all know and love and come to hope that he gets better.

There's somebody standing in the hallway.

All right, let's talk to Tony and hope he doesn't punch us for the fifth time. We could walk past him, but he'll still talk to us.

Music: Shadowy Men
Hey there!
Hi, Tony.
How's that wax you bought?
It's perfect! Just tried a little out earlier and my guitar was shining in no time!
That's good to hear.
Certainly is.

This is what I mean by "probably 2 lines from the tenants we did business with/pissed off". I won't show the lines for the other result because

But more importantly than that...

Hey, Tony...

Smile all you like, the answer's no

Smile all you like, the answer's no.
Gimme a break, man! Just because I'm smiling, you think I'm after something?
Guess I just know you well enough not to trust you.
Harsh, man. But I'll forgive you.

Tony's improving!

I was just gonna say that you're a sly one, Hyde!
What the hell are you on about?
I saw, man.
What did you see?
I went to see you in your room, but instead caught a peek at some hot chick!

(Hot chick? Someone came to my room?)

Music: Gusty Town

Show 1967 hotel photo
That photo looks pretty old. It's this building, ain't it?