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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 59: Returning the Tape

Music: Gusty Town

What did she look like?

What did she look like?
Well, she had long, blonde hair...
Anything else?
Yeah, she was smoking, I mean, she was petite and slender.

Was it Rachel? Are we finally going to get to meet her in person? No, it wasn't her and no, we won't.

Got any ideas?
I've got plenty of ideas, but...
Remembered then, have you?
When did you see her?

How much time did we spent at the fourth floor, anyway?

She was just hanging around outside your room.
Did you speak to her?
Well, I wanted to,
But as soon as I opened my mouth, she ran off.
Sorry, but I've gotta split, there's somewhere I need to be.

Tony says his piece and leaves.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Speaking of things to do, we still have to give Rachel a call. It probably have something to do with how we left her standing there.

There's a note in my door.

Music: Hidden Proof

It reads: "Missed you. I'll drop in another time. Mila"

(So it was Mila.)

Oh. So Tony's attracted to Mila. Makes sense, since he doesn't know her past.

Music: Heating Up


Music stops
Time to give Rachel a call.

Same answering minigame as before.

"You must deliver the Scarlet Star to whoever's responsible for Kathy McGrath's death."

I know that voice...

"For information on the reward, check under table B in Lucky's Café at 7:00PM today."

So now in addition to finding an item that's been lost for 25 years, we have to find the culprit of a murder from 13 years ago. Great.

(Deliver the Scarlet Star to whoever's responsible for Kathy's death.)
(Regarding the reward, be in Lucky's Cafe at 7, and look beneath table B. What the hell is this, some sort of joke?)

*beeping sound*

It's my pager again.

*Kyle calls Rachel*

Remember last time we got a message right before calling Rachel? Rachel says the exact same thing but for some reason the "you?" part of the text box is in the second line for some reason.

Music: Serenity
It's me.
Ed's been wanting to talk to you... I'll pass you over.
Rachel! Before you pass me over, I need to ask you about something.
What is it?
I just heard that Mila came to my room while I was out. She left me a note saying she'd try again later.
Really, she was there? She must've gone straight to your place after arriving in LA. I'm supposed to be meeting her shortly.
That's good. Could you let her know I got the note?
Sure thing, sweetie. Okay, I'm passing you over to Ed now.

So the call isn't intended to be about Mila, but close enough

Music: Ace of Diamonds

I've got some info for you, Hyde. It's about the re-opening of your father's case. I managed to get some time with a friend of the mayor's and we had a chat.
Did they say why they chose now of all times to re-open the case?
The LAPD are eager to put the decisiveness of candidate Hugh Speck to the test, and to begin a huge crackdown on a certain organised crime syndicate. As a grand opening to this campaign, they decided that one of the most infamous unsolved cases in recent history would be apt. As it turns out, one of the most prominent ones on their list happened to be your dad's.
Ed, are you trying to tell me that the organised crime syndicate they're after is...

They've had their eyes on that group since the event at Hotel Dusk a year ago.

How would they know? Did the event in Hotel Dusk become public?

This is crazy! They seriously think my dad's death in connected in some way to Nile?
Trust me, I was shocked too when I heard. When I found your dad's body in that parking lot 25 years ago, we discovered that he'd been killed elsewhere roughly two days before, then moved. There were no witnesses, and no obvious signs leading to the murderer. We were stuck. We searched the suitcase we found at the scene and officially identified him. It was Chris Hyde. My superior at the time was keen to put this case to rest and told me to tie things up. This is what he said to me: He said that a small-time case like this wasn't worth the time and effort. I can't believe that it may have had some sort of connection to Nile. In fact, that connection has only just become apparent to me.
Was your superior Hugh Speck?
Yeah, that was him.
I've got some interesting information of my own, Ed. I found out who the recipient for the lost item on that order sheet is.
Yeah? Well who's the lucky guy?
According to the client, I'm supposed to hand it to whoever was responsible for the murder that happened here 13 years ago. Kathy McGrath's murder!

That's what it sounds like.

This sounds like a scam. I mean, Kyle has already paid a penny for this job!

Now it's starting to make sense. The client, whoever they are, wants more than just an item... They want you to investigate the past, too!
So it seems.
There's something that doesn't sit right with me about all this, Hyde.
I know what you mean.
I'm still looking into Frank Raver. I'll all you when I have something.
Got it.

*Ed hangs up*

Music: Heating Up
We have control for about a second here before...

Who's that?

Speak of the devil.

Music: Blue Lady
You were the last person I expected to see.
What do you want?
I just wanted you to return my tape.
Tony informed me that it's in your possession.
Hand it over.
(He's got a point. I did get it from Tony yesterday.)

Remember that? It feels like it's been a year, hasn't it?


Music: Gusty Town

Show 1967 hotel photo
Is that a photograph of Cape West from when it was a hotel?

Show Frank's tape

I hand Frank's tape back to him.

Yes, that's my tape alright.
Perhaps you'd care to tell me how my tape entered your possession, Mr Hyde.
I'd be very glad to know.
What did Tony tell you?
He told me to ask you.
Now, please enlighten me.
Why did you have my tape?

I found it

I found it.
Where, exactly?
In the laundry.
Was it together with my tape recorder?
No, I came across the tape after I'd returned your tape recorder to you.
And that's your story, is it?
What makes you think I'd have any reason to lie to you about something like that?
Think about it, what would I have to gain?

Surprisingly, the second option here DOESN'T lead to a Game Over . Kyle just says that if he says where he found it, Frank'll go on another investigation.

For some reason Frank tolerates this. He doesn't even give out any aura. I know, I'm surprised, too.

Mr Hyde.
When Tony summoned me to the fourth floor yesterday, he said he had some business.
Except, when I arrived at the designated spot, it wasn't Tony I met, but you.
Tony decided not to make an appearance.
Then today, he came to my room,
And asked me to forget all about the day before.
He also told me that you had my tape and then left.

It's very simple. In order from least to most important: booze, money, Betty, music, punching Kyle.

Well, you'll get no answers from me. I can barely work him out, either. If you really wanna try and find out, you're gonna have to ask him.
That much we can agree on.
Anyway, I think we've concluded our business.
Hold on, Mr Raver. I have something I wanna ask you.
Do you now?
You're not going to be happy about this, but I listened to your tape.
You did what?!
Yeah, I listened, and what I heard surprised me. It seems you're still trying to solve the murder that happened here 13 years ago.
I'd like to know why you're so interested in that case, Mr Raver.
You really want to know?

Maybe not, but I'm still curious. There's more to this case than I originally thought.
More, you say?
It seems you haven't been able to rid yourself of your acute detective senses.
Normal people would just accept that it has nothing to do with them and move on.
But a detective views things differently, and once he gets the scent, he has to act.
I saw the change in your eyes when you heard. This sense is more a curse than a blessing.
It's as you say, Mr Raver.
I'm forced to ask these questions.
I understand.
Nevertheless, I'll tell you straight.
Stop pursuing me in my investigations, and cease trying to go after those connected to this crime.

(Just who is connected?)

How can we know who to avoid if we don't know how they're connected? That's why you should tell us

Who is connected to this crime?

Who is connected to this crime?
It seems you've not taken my advice, Mr Hyde.
Spit it out!
Take a look at this photograph.
It's a picture of a funeral.
Yes, the funeral of one of the people who found Kathy McGrath's body.

If you look really carefully, there's someone in the picture I'm sure you'll recognise.
Mr Hyde, I am forced to stop you interfering any further.
Therefore, I'd appreciate it if you could avoid hindering me.
Do not obstruct my investigations any further. And stay away from the people you see in this picture.
Okay, okay, I'll take a long, hard look at the picture.
Just one more thing I need to ask you, Mr Raver.
And that is?
What can you tell me about Condor?
You mean to say you don't know what Condor is?
I wouldn't be asking if I did.
I shall repeat what I just said.
Leave my investigations alone.
That's all I have to say.

Frank leaves the room.

Music: Heating Up
Let's take a look at our photo, shall we? After we take a look at the descriptions, of course.

Now let's examine the photo.

We should look for someone we recognise in the picture, of course. Can YOU figure out who it is?