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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 63: Dylan Fitchar

Music: Resolution

That music...

Such as?
Like I knew that there was a letter stuck under that table.
Ah ha!
So you do know something!
Who left it there? Tell me!
Sorry, even I don't know that.
Shame. If you knew that, maybe we could've talked some more.
Mr Hyde.
Why are you so keen on finding out about that letter anyway?
Forget it, Dylan. We've got no more to discuss.
The letter may not have had a sender, but I know it didn't come from you.

Mr Hyde...
Are you telling me that you received an unmarked letter too?
What are you trying to say?

(He knows something. I'm sure of it!)

Music: Sharpened Blade

Looks like we've entered a confrontation already. Somehow skipping the press phase. It was in the last update, with normal questioning music.

Show bugging device, order sheet, or reward letter
If there's something important about that, you can go right on and tell me.
Show winning bottle cap or Pinkie Rabbit Land
I'm stumped. What's that got to do with our conversation?
Show others
Showing me this isn't going to make me tell you anything.

Who's being threatened?

Who's being threatened?

Maybe you should just forget I said anything...
Too late for that, Dylan. Is somebody in this apartment being threatened?
Damn, I didn't want to tell anybody.
Who is it?
I can't say.
Tell me!
It's... It's... It's her...
Mrs Patrice.
She's being threatened?
Yeah, that's right.
Why would somebody threaten her?
I haven't got a clue.
But I can tell you for a fact, somebody is doing just that.
There I go again, running my mouth off.

Some secret keeper you are.

Now what am I going to do?

I'm begging you, Mr Hyde. Please don't breathe a word of this to anyone.

How did you know about the threat to Mags?

How did you know about the threat to Mags?
I came across it one day.

Add one more to the list of coincidence

Came across it how?
I'd gone to Mrs Patrice's room to fix something and there was a phone call.
I can tell you that the phone call in question was definitely threatening.
It only lasted a short time before cutting off, too. Mrs Patrice's face turned pale and her hands began to shake.
From that point on, I made it my job to look over her.
It was also from that time that unmarked letters and packages began to arrive.
Not long after that phone call, Mrs Patrice had made her decision to sell this place.
So, does Mags even I know that you were there to witness the threat? Has she mentioned it at all?
I don't think she registered that I was there.
I just kept quiet as a mouse.

You think this is a game?

You think this is a game?

Well, you certainly seem to be having fun! People are being threatened here!
There's no need to get angry, Mr Hyde.
Yeah? Well maybe you could try a little harder to look concerned about this!
Loosen up a little, will you?

Music: Joke's On You
You're being very unpleasant, Mr Hyde.
In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you're making fun of me.
Get out of here!

Music stops
Dylan practically kicks me out of his room.

That chat with Dylan didn't go well at all.
I should've tried harder not to make him angry.

Music: Dream's End

Tony: 7
Frank: 3
Dylan: 3
Mags: 2
Charles: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Betty: 1

Welp. That just happened. I probably could've renamed the title "Noir Detective, Featuring Annoying Neighbors"

On another note, Noir Fiction (unlike Film Noir) apparently refers to fiction with a non-detective protagonist. The more you know.

Music: Sharpened Blade

We'll just placate him this time. The first option is justified, but we've seen what'll happen.

Did you think it'll be bad for you if she knew?

Did you think it'll be bad for you if she knew?
Of course I did!
If she knew that I'd overheard that phone call,
She'd certainly stop asking me to perform all those little maintenance jobs around here.

Dylan: If she knew that I knew her secrets, she'd stop asking me to work for free papers!

Not only that, I'm sure she'd have made me leave way before we all vacate.

This one is more understandable, but it wouldn't have made THAT much of a difference.

...I said, while all instance of this happening to Kyle leads to a Game Over.

She's that kind of person.

What kind of things do you know?

What kind of things do you know?
Stuff about the past.

OF COURSE it's from the past. What else would it be. Stuff from the future?

I could tell you things, Mr Hyde... Things about Mrs Patrice's past.
Then enlighten me.
Everyone has a past alright, but hers is more interesting than most.

Music: Deep Distrust
I know you don't exactly trust me, Mr Hyde, but...
I can assure you, I did not send any unmarked letters.
I want you to believe me. I'm not the sort of person who goes round threatening others.
Is that so?
It is!
If you think it'll help you solve this mystery, I'll tell you about Mrs Patrice's secrets.

I bet Dylan's right now feeling like he's an informant in one of those detective movies.

On one condition, though. You share with me what was in that letter you found.
So, have we got a deal?
I'll think about it.
I've got somewhere to be.

I make my way out of Dylan's room.

That feels like a wet fart of a confrontation

(And Mags... Could she be connected in some way? Connected to the incident that happened all those years ago?)
(I think it's time I gathered my thoughts about all that's happened.)