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Part 64: Chapter 5 Quiz

Music: Clearing the Mist

He said he was willing to take me back to work for Red Crown, but on one condition. What did he want me to do?

Sell more than two items to one tenant
No, that's not it. Ed gave me a different set of instructions.
Sell two items to one tenant
No, that's not it. Ed gave me a different set of instructions.

The distinction is important, and that's why selling the snow globe doesn't fulfill the task.

Sell items to two tenants

Right, that's what he said. He told me to sell items to two people in this building...then get him on the phone.
Once I'd completed his task, I called him to let him know. I also took the opportunity to discuss the mysterious order sheet I'd received.

He went on to tell me the reason why the police had re-opened my dad's case. He said that the case had been re-opened due to a connection with a crime syndicate called...

Red Crown
No, that's not it. Red Crown's the name of Ed's company.
Scarlet Star
No, that's not it. Scarlet Star is the item written on the order sheet that I have to try and find.


Right, it was called Nile. Nile was the crime syndicate Bradley was investigating undercover 4 years ago.
Exactly how this syndicate was connected to my dad's death was something that neither I nor Ed could imagine.

I asked him why he was so keen on investigating what happened 13 years ago. Instead of answering, he gave me a picture and said to stay away from the people in it. I recognised two people in the photo. One was Marie, and the other was...

Chris Hyde
No, that's not who it was. Chris Hyde was my dad. He wasn't in the picture that Frank showed me.
Hugh Speck
No, that's not who it was. Hugh Speck is the mayoral candidate, and Ed's ex-boss when they were on the force. He wasn't in the picture that Frank showed me.

tomanton posted:

Is Hugh Speck up front, smiling even at a time like that?

Apparently that's not him.

Rex Foster

It was a picture showing a scene at a funeral. There was a much younger Rex among the other attendees.
It seems that Rex knew about Marie 13 years ago. And that's one of the things I intend to investigate from now on.

Skipping the part about us getting trapped in the fourth floor?

For information on the reward, I was told to look under table B in Lucky's Café. When I did so, I found that somebody had attached an envelope under the table. In addition to the letter that explained what the reward was, there was something else. The other item was...

A 13-year-old picture of the hotel
No, that's not it. I got the 13-year-old picture of the hotel from Sidney, the café owner.
A note from Mila
No, that's not it. I found the note from Mila lodged in the door to my room.

An old newspaper extract

Right. There was an extract from an old newspaper inside the envelope. It contained the story surrounding the case where my dad was killed.
The letter said that the reward for finding the item was the truth of 25 years ago. This was an offer that certainly got me thinking. When I re-read the letter, I noticed something unusual about the typography.

He said that he didn't know anything about it. He went on to say that there was somebody in the building who'd received a threat. The person who received the threat was...

No, that's not who it was. Dylan never mentioned Marie.
No, that's not who it was. Dylan never mentioned Betty.


Dylan told me that someone had issued a threat towards Mags.
Dylan also said that in exchange for information on the unmarked letter, he would share some more of the secrets he knew about Mrs Patrice. I wasn't ready to commit to anything at that moment, so I left.

I have to deliver the missing item to whoever's responsible for Kathy McGrath's murder. The reward for finding it is the truth of 25 years ago. I can't stop wondering what the sender of that order sheet really wants. What am I gonna find out by unravelling this mystery? Who in this apartment had a part to play in the events that happened in the past? What little I'd managed to put together in my head's come apart. I have to start again and try to uncover the whole truth behind what happened 25 years ago.

And we're done with Chapter 5. That was a very long one.