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Part 68: Not Sneaking Around

Music: A Drink in the Evening

Hey, remember the part about not letting Sidney see us? Let's ignore that!

As always, we'll take a look around the room first.

Music: Hidden Proof

Top left can This can is full of mushrooms. Well, that was worth looking into.
Top middle can The top shelf has some huge cans of f0od on it.
(They must buy in bulk.)
Top right can A can of mystery sauce. It's a mystery because there's no label. I hope Sidney knows what it is.
Top left bottle According to the label at least, this bottle contains olive oil.
Top middle bottle The bottle of wine on the top shelf has been opened already.
(The wine's more for cooking than for drinking, I suspect.)
Top right bottle A bottle of wine. If only it wasn't for cooking.
Box It's another dull brown box, though this one's smaller than the others I've seen. There's a delivery note stuck over the flaps at the top, so I can't look inside.
Bottom can It's a can of tomato purée.
Bottom left bottle Another bottle of red wine.
Bottom right bottle There's an oddly-shaped bottle on the shelf that holds some kind of seasoning.
(If it ain't mayonnaise, I ain't interested.)
Jar There's a clear, glass jar perched on the bottom shelf.

Fridge door It's the door for a walk-in refrigerator.
(Makes sense that a café would need a refrigerator this big.)
Fridge lock The refrigerator is locked with a large bolt. It's made of iron, and looks more than sturdy enough to do its job of keeping me out.
Bags There are two large bags stood up against the wall. Can't tell what's in them, but it looks like it could be some of Claire's fancy coffee beans.
Boxes It's a couple of cardboard boxes. I doubt there's anything important in them.
Chalkboard There's a chalkboard on the wall.
(If I look closely, I can just about see some writing that hasn't been fully erased. It appears to have been a list of ingredients they needed to buy more of.)
Shelves There are two wooden shelves on the wall. These shelves are home to a variety of pots and pans.
Bottom utensils This shelf holds frying pans and saucepans. Some are stainless steel and some are aluminium. A pan for every occasion.
Top utensils I can see various cooking implements on the top shelf.

Pans Every size of frying pans you'd ever need is hanging up above the workstation. Convenient.
Bowl A small bowl has been left on the worktop. It's empty. Well that was worth my time.
Can There's some kind of tin can on top of the work surface.
(There's no label on it. I wonder what it's a can of?)
Papers These scraps of paper have some recipes written on them.
(This looks like Sidney's handwriting.)
Workstation In the middle of the room there's a metal workstation with its own sink. Like a lot of the relics in this place, it's pretty beat-up.
Bottles and bag A bowl and some ingredients. Wonder what I could whip up with all this?

Exhaust There's a large extractor installed above the stovetops. It's showing its age a little, especially the filter.
Pot There's a stainless steel pot on top of the stove. The kind you lift up with both hands.
Pan This frying pan is made of cast iron. It's in place and ready to fry some eggs.
Stoves On this side of the room there is a whole series of gas ranges. They're all very old and used, but they've been well maintained.
(Guess they need this many or they'd be screwed whenever business got good.)
Ovens At the bottom are some industrial-use ovens.
Cupboards under stove Underneath this stovetop is a pair of cupboards. The doors are spotlessly clean.
Plates A few stacks of clean and shiny plates are sitting just next to the sink. They've been dried off with a towel as well.
Sink There's a big ol' sink, and some cupboards underneath it too. The sink is very clean. Glad they're not washing the dishes in a dirty sink.
Cupboards above sink Above the sink there is a row of large cupboards.
(I'd better not open them. Some dishes might fall out and hit me on the head.)

With that done, let's get down to business.

Hi Claire.
Oh, Mr Hyde.
I'm here, let's talk.
Thanks for coming.
So what was on your mind?
Well, you see...

Mr Hyde!


Music: Joke's On You
What are you doing back here?
It's nothing, we're just having a chat.
Dad, wait!
This is the kitchen, Claire!
You know full well that it's off-limits to customers!
I'm so sorry!
I...didn't mean to c-cause any trouble...

Music: Dream's End
(She told me to be careful when I came, after all.)

I'm sorry Claire.

Tony: 7
Dylan: 4
Frank: 3
Mags: 2
Charles: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Betty: 1
Sidney: 1
Punch: 5

So we got a Game Over because we just made Claire cry. And probably ruined Claire and Sidney's relationship. Oops...

Music: A Drink in the Evening

Sadly, there's no sneaking in this game. That means we won't see Kyle using a cardboard box to go in undetected.

Instead, we just have to get rid of Sidney altogether. Somehow.

Music: Glass in the Hand
Hey, Sidney.
Come on, dammit!
It's no good.
Oh, didn't see you there, Mr Hyde.
What're you doing that's got you so busy you don't notice your own customers?
Is it anything I can help you with?
Just a little problem, nothing to worry about.
You can tell me, maybe I can help.
I doubt that, Mr Hyde. No offense, but this is one issue I'll have to take care of.
I see.

It was something I needed to take care of today, too.
No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to remember what it was.
That is a problem.
Yeah, quite a bind I'm in.
Hang on!
Did you remember?
I think it might be coming back to me...
I'm starting to remember...

Pressing here will cause Sidney to forget. He will then told us to fuck off (in softer words). Just when we try to leave, he will remember.

The choice from pressing is either Kyle reminding him that it might be about buying ingredients/making meals, neither of which are correct.

Don't press

I've got it!
Claire! Just now, Claire...
Did you remember what it was?
Yes, I've got it! Can't believe I forgot that of all things!

(So what was it?)

Of all the things to forget!

Music: Gusty Town

Show cheque for $1000
I'm so happy for you, Mr Hyde. Couldn't have gone to a nicer guy.
Be sure to spend it wisely!

Sidney likes us

...Although to be fair, it's not like Kyle has tough competition.

What had you forgotten?

What was it that you'd forgotten?
Ah, it was nothing serious. Sorry if I panicked you just then.
Today's Tuesday, right?
I...think so.
The roster dictates that Tuesday's my day to take care of the toilets.
(Your turn?)
Yeah, and I nearly forgot all about it, too!
If I hadn't remembered when I did, I'd be on the receiving end of a grilling from Claire.
Glad to hear you avoided a grilling then!
Looks like I'd better get my saktes on and see to those toilets. If you need me, just shout in that general direction.

Sidney disappears into the billiards room.

(Looks like this is the chance I've been waiting for...)

Music: A Drink in the Evening
We can't actually talk to Sidney in the toilet, so let's just get back to Claire.