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Part 69: Opening a Jar

Music: Glass in the Hand
Hi Claire.
Oh, Mr Hyde.
I'm here, let's talk.
Thanks for coming.
So what was on your mind?
Well, it's...
It's what?
Oh, right!

Before I tell you what I wanted to say...
There's something else I'd like to ask you for help with.
Dad told me to open a jar of maple butter, but the lid's too tight.
Would you mind doing it for me?

Really? You couldn't just bring the jar outside?

No problem, give it to me.
Here you go.

The lid was on so tightly, I couldn't even get it to budge.
I could've tried heating it, but the butter gets a funny taste when it's warmed.

It's time for another minigame.

Damn, my hand keeps sliding off...

As you might have guessed, opening it won't be that easy.

We keep rubbing the jar in hopes of opening it...

Not getting any joy here. I just need to try harder!

Kyle using innuendos? That's really unlike you .

Trying more times still doesn't work and just loops the dialogue.

But, as they say, persistence pays off. So Kyle huffs and puffs as he tries to open the jar again... That translates to blowing to the microphone while opening it.

It worked!

*crash sound*

Correction: It...worked?

The lid just flew off the jar!
Oops... Don't know my own strength...
Mr Hyde, don't frighten me like that!
Did you do that on purpose?
Of course not, I'm sorry.
There's no need to look so worried, I'm not going to scream or anything.
Yeah, right.

You do know that if you scream, you'll get blamed for this too, right?

If he asks about the noise later on, I'll come up with a good cover story.
Relax, will you?
I'll try.
Here's the jar.

Well, that's nice and all, but let's do this in a more...elegant way, shall we?

Obviously we're going to need some help to open this more cleanly.

Have you got anything we can use to get this thing open?
Take your pick, you can use anything you like.

Well, here's the next challenge. Can you think of what we can use to open this jar?

Hey, Mr Hyde, any luck with that jar I gave you?

Like usual, the requester is pretty much useless.

Anyway, the challenge is a trick question because for some reason we couldn't examine the thing we can use.

Music: Hidden Proof

Jar There's a clear, glass jar perched on the bottom shelf.

Bands The jar is full of rubber bands.

Maybe I could use one of them...

That should make the lid less slippery.

Music: Sobering Dream

While we're looking at the descriptions, let's take a look at some new descriptions for the people.

There's new description for Betty but not for Rex. For some reason.

Note that we still know pretty much nothing about the threat letter.

Use rubber band on maple butter

Let me try with a rubber band.

With the rubber we can actually get some joy

We managed to get it off without making a fuss this time.

That's got it!

Music: Glass in the Hand
Wow, Mr Hyde, you're stronger than you look!
Clever too. That rubber band really did the trick.

Wait, are you implying that Kyle doesn't look smart?

It's an old trick I learned. It stops the lid from slipping when you turn it.
Here's the jar.
Here, I'll give you this back too. I only needed it to get the lid off that jar.

Both methods converge here.

So, Claire...
This wasn't the reason you wanted to talk to me, right?
No, Mr Hyde...
Then please enlighten me. What's the problem?
Well, it's...
It's about Dad. I want you to talk to him for me.
About what?
It's been seven years since Mom and Dad split up.

You know, someone he could be happy with.

I don't like where this is going...

So you have your suspicions, then?
Yeah, kind of.
But I think that he should tell me if he does. I'm his daughter after all!
Problem is, I can't bring myself to ask him directly.
And you think it'd be any easier coming from me?
No, not really, but...
Oh, what can I do?

You will? How?

Just got to pick the right moment to ask.

Great. Kyle is a huge sap, isn't he?

You're wonderful, Mr Hyde. Thank you!

Music: A Drink in the Evening

We can talk to Claire again now, but she just says her last line. So we go outside the kitchen.

*beeping sound*

It's my pager.

*door opens*

Wow, we just very barely managed to avoid getting caught. This is your fault for wasting our time with that jar, Claire!

Hey, Mr Hyde, didn't realise you were still around.
I'm just leaving.
Okay. Catch you later.