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Part 76: Betty Meyer

Music: Resolution

Yes, can I help you with something?
It was Charles you were talking to in the hallway earlier.
I'd like to know why you asked him to lend you the key to room 205.
No reason. I just wanted to see what the room was like. That's all.
So you went into the room?
What kind of answer's that?
The best you're getting! Why are you asking me this?
Betty, if you and that Rex guy are up to something, then I've got some questions for you.
Now tell me what I want to know!
And just what do you mean by "up to something"?
You must've had a real reason to borrow that key. What was it?
Now would be a good time to tell me.
There's nothing to tell.
Come on, I wasn't born yesterday!


Did you borrow it for Rex?

Did you borrow it for Rex?
There's no use in trying to hide it.
You borrowed the key because he asked you to, right?
There's no fooling you, is there, Mr Hyde?
It's true. Rex asked me to borrow the key from Charles.

Why the hell are you even giving tht guy the time of day? You do know what Rex does for a living, don't you?
Yeah, I know.
He investigates insurance claims.

Is it bad that I'm actually surprised that he told Betty his actual job?

"Investigate" isn't the word I'd use! He's bad news. Did you know that, too?
Yes, I know... But it's okay.

Listen up!

You're being used!

You're being used!

I appreciate that you might think I'm meddling, but...
You're damn right I do!
Come on, Betty...
It's people like you, Mr Hyde, who have no idea! I don't want to hear another word!
I'm sorry, Betty.
I just want you to understand.
Mr Hyde...

And loop. This is basically our cue to hold our tongue.

Don't press

Mr Hyde...
I understand. I really do.
I know he's not really interested in me.
Listen, Betty...

Music: Sharpened Blade

What did he plan to do in there?

Do you know what he planned to do in room 205?
I can't be 100% certain, but this is what he said: He told me that there was something he needed to check.

Considering the subject of Rex's investigation, the answer is obvious.

Was it about Marie?

Was it about Marie?
Yes, I think it was.
So he's still looking into her, then?
How should I know! I don't know whether he's still interested in her or not.
I don't know anything. We don't speak anymore.
Like I said, he seemed to be interested in Marie. I noticed it a while back.

So he said he'd got what he wanted?

So he said he'd got what he wanted?
Not in so many words.
But I'm sure he did. He kept asking me all these questions about the people that live here.
Then, after he'd seen room 205 and taken a look around, he didn't contact me anymore.
I didn't even have a number I could use to call him.

Why did Rex go out with you?

What was his real reason for going out with you?
He started going out with me because...
Because he wanted to check the situation on the second floor.
Betty, what interested him?

The decor? Really?

Was it the tenants?

Was it the tenants?
Yes, that's right.
He was keen on establishing who was friends with who and their relationships. That's what he came to find out. When I asked him why he was so interested in that,

What did he mean by her accomplice?

What did Rex mean by Marie's accomplice?
I have no idea. That was the first and last I ever heard on the subject.
But he said he wanted to put a stop to them, right?
That's what he said, but I have no idea what he meant.
And why should I?
After all, all he did was use me to get what he wanted.

Music: Silent Tears
It's just like you said, Mr Hyde. I did borrow the key from Charles just so Rex could get inside the room.
But I just passed it on to him.
I never went into the room myself.
So I hope you'll believe me when I say I can't tell you exactly what he did in there.
And that's the truth, is it?
Cross my heart.
Why would I want to lie to you, Mr Hyde?
I don't think you're lying.
But if you knew he was only using you, Betty,
why did you stay with him?

He promised me he'd always be there for me...
Guess he would say that.
But I knew, even then. I knew he wasn't the type of man who keeps his promises.
You may not want to hear what I think, but here goes. Men often go for lonely women. Maybe it's love, maybe not, I don't know.
If loneliness brings you together, you'll be even lonelier when it ends.
Mr Hyde...
Come on, Betty, you can't go round wearing a face like that.
Oh really?
I can't believe I"m getting relationship advice from you...

Don't be so surprised. Kyle has played psychologist to like 10 people already.

But it's true, you can't go moping around forever. And besides, smiling suits you.

Can I ask you something, Mr Hyde?

Is it because you spoke to Marie? Did you believe what she told you?
There are a number of things about her insurance claim that interest me. I'm curious about the whole incident.
About that...
Let me guess, you heard about me once being a detective from Rex, right?
Yeah, he did mention it.
Thought he might have. Did he say anything else?
No, just that.
I see. Betty, did you ever see Rex posting a letter to anybody here?
A letter?
I've never seen him with a letter...
Okay. If I come up with any more questions about Rex later on,
Would you mind answering them for me?
No, not at all.
Right, I'd better be going.
Of course.

I leave Betty's room.

Music stops

(Also, I discovered that Rex is trying to uncover a possible accomplice to Marie.)
(What's Rex's connection to that order? Not only that...)
(The engraved mark on Marie's ring and the one on the fourth floor... What do they mean?)
(I think it's time I gathered my thoughts about all that's happened.)

But before that, let's see what will happen if we fail this confrontation.

Music: Resolution

Did you borrow it to use the typewriter?

Did you borrow it to use the typewriter?

You used the typewriter in there to write those letters.
You must be confusing me with somebody else. I haven't typed any letters!
I'm not lying!
Betty, I'm going to ask you again and you'd better tell me the truth.
Mr Hyde...

Loop and skip.

It's not okay!

It's not okay!

And besides, we're through already.
Betty, you've gotta listen to me.
I'm not interested in what you have to say!
What difference does it make anyway, whether he's good or bad?
The problem with you, Mr Hyde, is that you just don't know when to stop pushing!
I'm sorry, Betty.
I just want you to understand.
Mr Hyde...

Loop and skip.

Music: Sharpened Blade

Show pager, winning bottle cap, Pinkie Rabbit Land, cheque for $1000
Now's really not the time to be looking at that, Mr Hyde.
Show ring
Thanks for agreeing to help me out with this!
Show spare key to room 205
Hey, that's...
the key I borrowed from Charles! I was asked to borrow it by...

What did he plan to do in there?

Was it about the incident 13 years ago?

Was it about the incident 13 years ago?

He certainly never mentioned anything like that to me.
He investigates insurance claims, not incidents.
It seems to me that you don't really have your facts straight, Mr Hyde.

Why did Rex go out with you?

Was it the decor?

Was it the decor?

He wasn't the kind of guy who gave much thought to the way a room looked.
Yeah, that figures.

Music: Joke's On You
Please control yourself, Mr Hyde! You don't know the first thing about him!
Quit bad-mouthing him like this!

If we screwed up one question instead of both posted:

Why am I even still talking to you?
I wish you wouldn't come in here mouthing off without knowing all the facts!

Please leave, Mr Hyde!
I don't want to hear any more of your questions!
Come on, be reasonable!

I get kicked out of Betty's room.

Looks like I completely screwed that up. Couldn't really get her to talk.
Maybe I need to work on my approach a little more.

Music: Dream's End

Tony: 7
Dylan: 5
Frank: 3
Mags: 2
Charles: 2
Betty: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Sidney: 1
Punch: 6

This is pretty much just Betty continuing to be in denial

That different dialog actually surprises me, though. There's nothing like that in the previous confrontations.