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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 77: Chapter 6 Quiz

Music: Clearing the Mist

I grabbed a drink from the vending machine in the lobby, then called Rachel. She told me...

Tony's song would be on the radio
No, that's not it. Tony's the one who told me his song would be on the radio. I remember listening to it later on.
The elevator had been fixed
No, that's not it. I head about the maintenance being completed from Mags. She also told me that the vending machine will be removed tomorrow.

About the Hotel Cape West emblem

Right. Rachel told me about the emblem Hotel Cape West used to use. It was an emblem in the shape of a condor.

After that I came across Marie in the second floor hallway, coming out of Betty's room. I returned to my room and called Red Crown. Ed was there, and he had some light to shed on Frank's past. He told me...

Frank lost the poisoned wine bottle
No, that's not it. He wasn't the person who lost the poisoned wine bottle that killed Kathy McGrath. That slip-up was the fault of one of the detectives at the scene.
He found Kathy's body in room 404
No, that's not it. The people who discovered the body of Kathy McGrath in room 404 were Peter Rivet and Mike Porter.

I completely forgot about the lost poisoned bottle. I don't remember this game as well as Hotel Dusk.

He was disgraced by Hugh Speck

Right. During an internal investigation when Frank was in his 40s, his name came up.
It was Ed's ex-boss, Hugh Speck, that was responsible.

Marie wanted Betty to buy something from her. It was...

A magnifying glass
No, that's not it. Dylan's the only one with one of those and he's not selling.
A lid
No, that's not it. The only lid I can think of was the one in the café kitchen with Claire.

A ring

Right. Marie asked Betty to buy her ring for $500.
Betty was concerned about the diamond being fake, so she gave it to me to check. I decided Dylan might be able to help.

I used his magnifying glass to take a closer look at Marie's ring. I discovered a small mark that had been engraved onto the base. It was identical to the one Dylan had sketched in his notebook. It was...

A star
No, that's not it. I found a star on the cover of an old album in room 406.
An angel
No, that's not it. The only angel I saw was the one on the puzzle hanging on Dylan's wall.

A condor

Right. I found a condor in Dylan's notebook and on the ring.

It was the spare key to room 205 and she had borrowed it on behalf of Rex. I got the key from Charles, and took the opportunity to take a look around 205 myself. I tried out a typewriter I found there and discovered...

The "s" letter was slightly skewed
No, that's not it. The "s" was fine.
The "r" letter was slightly skewed
No, that's not it. The "r" was fine.

The "t" letter was slightly skewed
Right. When I pressed the "t", the resulting print was higher than the rest of the letters.
This matched with the order sheet I received.

Unfortunately, talking to her didn't answer this question. The riddle behind the condor appearing on both Marie's ring and in room 406, together with Frank's connection to the incident 13 years ago... With past and present colliding like this, I'm left with even more questions. There's still no concrete link between these events and the lost Scarlet Star.