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by 1234567890num

Part 79: Drawing a Picture

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
That was my mom on the phone.
Your mom?
Yeah. She's living by herself in New Jersey. She calls me from time to time.
She lives on her own?
What about your dad?
He's not around anymore. He passed away when I was nine.

I just realized that in that way, Kyle and Mila are kindred spirits.

I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Guess I never got round to filling you in on my past.
Now I think about it, I don't really know much about you, Kyle.
But you... You know pretty much all there is to know about me.

(She lost her mom in a plane crash as a child and was raised by her dad, who ran a gallery. Her dad got her mixed up in the incident at Hotel Dusk that caused her memory loss.)
(After that, she spent the best part of ten years in a coma in a hospital bed. By the time she had awaken, her dad had been killed.)

She sure seemed to be fine for someone who was in a coma for ten years and have only been awake for one.

Do you remember Christmas last year?
Just about.
You decorated that Christmas tree in the storage room of the hotel.

I remember

It was so beautiful.
Glad you liked it.

Whenever I think of Christmas, I have the image of that tree in my head.
You know what? So do I.

I've just remembered, Kyle.
Rachel gave me something to give to you, it's a Christmas present.
She did?
She got it all ready to take to the meal.
But since we're not going...
You'd better have it now.

I receive a bottle of wine.

*Kyle unwraps the wine*

This wine is my favourite.
Thanks for bringing it along, Mila.
That's not all. I have a present for you from me, too.
For me?
There's nobody else here.
I hope you like it.
Wow, it's...

I did it myself.

Mila is a much better drawer than Melissa, that's for sure.

Now that's what I call a unique present!
I think you might have glossed over a few of my rough edges though!

(Mila's studying at an art college in Seattle. She managed to find something she enjoys and is really giving it her all. There must be tons of things she finds tough and some that other girls take for granted, but she's come a long way from the silent young girl she was when I first met her.)
I'm sorry, but I haven't got anything to give you, Mila.
I'll get you something next year though, I promise.
I'm not sure I can wait until then.
Come on, don't put me on a guilt trip.
I'm not trying to. But the truth is, there's something I'd like.
What is it?
Have a guess.

I'm drawing a blank. I've got no idea.

A picture?
Yes, I'd like you to draw me.
Not likely. Among other things, I don't even have a sketch book.
Not to mention I'm not really the artistic type.
So you won't draw me then?
Okay, you twisted my arm. I'll give it a shot. Hope you don't mind me doing it in my notebook, though.

Read note
Is that the same notebook you had last year, or did you get a new one since then?
Show room 202 key, $5, order sheet, sales earnings, reward letter, ring, spare key to room 205
It's not mine.
Show pager
That's yours isn't it, Kyle?
Show note from Mila
When I came to see you the day before yesterday, you weren't around.
I wanted to make sure you knew I'd be coming back.
Show funeral photo
Who's that in the photo? I don't recognise them.
Show Mila's drawing
I kept redoing it over and over.
I'm so glad you liked it in the end!
Show others
Why are you showing me that, Kyle?

Mila will accept literally anything we draw, even if we just draw a line and erase it immediately, leaving her with a blank paper.

That said, Mila had put a large amount of effort into her drawing, so I'll try to draw her as best as I can.

I'm sorry, Mila...

(Drawing with a mouse is hard, okay?)

Here it is. Just don't throw it back in my face, alright?
Thank you, kyle.
You sure you really want this?
Yes, I love it.
I'm so happy.

I'm very sure Mila is accepting it just to be polite.

You know, there's a little café downstairs.
What would you say to grabbing a coffee or something?
Let's skip the café. There's somewhere else I'd rather go.

Mila isn't having any food porn.

Oh, and where would that be?

The roof?
This isn't exactly a skyscraper you know. I don't think the view's gonna be that great.
I'm not interested in the scenery.
I just want to see the lighthouse up close.

If you're wondering, yes there's a lighthouse in this building. It can be seen during the previous outer shots of the building, like in the title screen.

Right. Never thought that kind of thing would interest you.
Still, if that's what you'd like to do, let's get going.
Really? Thank you.

Music: Heating Up

And so, Mila became our companion for the time being. Now e go out of the room...

Music: Dancing Cat
I was on my way to see you.
Are you on your way out?
What can I do for you?
Surely, you haven't forgotten?
And who's this you're with?
Sorry, Mila, but would you mind taking the elevator up to the roof?
I'll join you up there shortly.

And so Mila stopped being our companion. She was a great companion for about 2 seconds.

Who's that person you were with, Mr Hyde?
She was very pretty.
Is she your girlfriend?

Why did everyone thought Mila is Kyle's girlfriend? I can understand Jeanie's confusion since she only hear her voice, but Tony and Charles should've noticed the 14 year age difference (physically).

No, nothing like that. She's a close friend of mine.
A close friend, I see.
But forget all that, what did you want me for, anyway?
I'd like you to return the spare key to room 205 as we agreed.

Dylan's hammer, Frank's tape, and now Charles' key. Kyle has a really bad habit of forgetting to return things (we can't return them early, if you're wondering).

What next? Marie's ring? Oh wait...

Music: Gusty Town

Show Mila's drawing
Is this you, Mr Hyde?
This must be how you look to the person who drew it.

Show spare key to room 205

Music: Dancing Cat
I hand the spare key to room 205 back to Charles.

Mr Hyde. So what did you think of room 205?
Wasn't as special as I hoped. Just a bare floor and a whole load of dust. The view's a lot better from my room, too.
Is that so?
Well, Mr Hyde, I must be going.

Charles moves away and out of sight.