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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 80: Visiting the Roof

Music: Overstepped Memory

I mentioned before that using the elevator takes a lot of time. Now that we're required to, we'll see how.

First, we have to press the button, wait for the elevator to arrive, and then wait for the door to open. This is how it works in real life, but it's not very convenient.

And then, we have to press another button, close Kyle's narration, and wait for the lift to arrive, and then wait for the door to open again. It's realistic, but it's boring.

In total it takes 30 seconds to use the elevator, which is twice the amount from using the stairs. Because there's no energy mechanic here and there's no animation for walking up the stairs.

(Now, where's Mila got to?)

Anyway, welcome to the roof. There's pretty much nothing here beside the lighthouse.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Music: Hidden Proof

Doors These are heavy doors, and they're locked tight. I'm not getting in.
(In fact, I don't think I've ever seen them open.)

Well, there's nonfunctioning doors. We've seen what's on the other side a long time ago.

There's also the decorative lighthouse, I guess.

Lighthouse There's a towring lighthouse monument on the roof. It's the defining symbol of Cape West, and has been ever since it was a hotel.

There's also the view of downtown LA, which Cing actually bothered to render. It's a nice touch.

Music stops

So, what do you think of the lighthouse?
To be honest... It looked a lot bigger from the ground.
It's actually pretty small when you see it up close.

It's a perspective trick. Disney World uses it with the castle. (I have no idea if other Disneylands use it.)

(Smaller then you thought, huh?)

I didn't know you were the type to make that kind of joke

Music: Secrets
Did I say something wrong, Kyle?
No, it's not that.
I was just thinking about something.
What were you thinking about?
Just that, when I first came up here to see the lighthouse, I thought the same thing.
That's quite a coincidence!
Sure is.

Nice save.

Say, Kyle...

13 years back, this place used to be known as Hotel Cape West.
I guess they were aiming for something that made it sound a little more coastal. So they figured throwing a lighthouse on top would really exemplify that.
So I suppose you could say the best use of the lighthouse is to guide people safely through the crowded streets of the city.
Yeah, I guess you could say that.

It's more to guide people here for money, though.

(Now I think about it... When I arrived in this town four years ago, I came across the lighthouse and something just felt...different. I didn't even bother looking at any other places. I just knew I had to live here.)
Is there something on your mind?
Why'd you ask?
Do you ever worry about things or get lonely?
Is there anything that's troubling you?
What makes you say that, Mila?
I don't know.

Yeah, there's something on my mind that I'm not sure about. When I get lost in my thoughts, I sometimes feel like a boat drifting through the night. No lighthouse to beckon me in, just the menacing darkness and the waves.

Sheesh, Kyle. Save the poetry for the end-of-chapter quizzes.

When I get like this, I just find myself counting the minutes till morning comes.
Yeah. It doesn't matter how dark the nights are, there's always light at dawn.
Always light at dawn...
There's no need for you to worry like this though, Mila. You're not alone.
If you ever find yourself lost in the darkness, just remember morning is on its way.

If you head round to the other end of the roof, there's a good view of the city.
Wanna take a look?
Yes, please.

Mila walks to the other end of the roof.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

It's a nice view, isn't it? It would've been nicer if it's not just the same background looped around the roof. Just compare this with the view from before.

I can see it.
I sometimes take myself over there for a stroll. I find my favourite bench and just sit there in a world of my own.
From time to time, a black cat comes by, too.
A black cat?
Yeah, I think he figures that I'm gonna give him something to eat.
He's pretty cute, with a star in his left eye.
A star? Wow, he sounds cute!

You're leaving?
Yeah, I am.
We've all been told to vacate the apartments. This building won't even be standing here next year.
The lighthouse will be gone too?
I'm afraid so.

Mila, are you okay?
It's just... Hearing that made me a little sad.
Do you want to go back down?
Yes, I think I should.
No problem. I'll come downstairs with you.

And so, Mila became our companion again...

Music: Overstepped Memory

...for the 10 second it took to walk to the elevator and wait for the door to open.

This elevator must be pretty old, right?
You could say that. It's had maintenance done on it pretty recently, though.

Right. We should get downstairs.

Music stops

There's a sound of the machine turning off suddenly right before the elevator stops.

Dammit, has this thing stopped?
I'm scared.
It's nothing to worry about, it'll get going again soon.

Welp. We're stuck. Spoiler: No matter how long we wait, the elevator won't just turn back on automatically.