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Part 81: Banging the Elevator

Talking to Mila just repeats the last few lines, so we'll just press the bell. After all, that's what they're for, right?

Bell button

The hell? *presses button again*
That's weird, the buttons aren't working. What're we supposed to do now?

Since the bell doesn't do its one job (), we have to try something else. There's only one thing we can do here.

Bang on the door

I need to get someone's attention...

There's a sound when we're banging on the door, but it wouldn't come across well in a screenshot.

Bang some more

You might remember that Dylan's room is right next to the elevator.

Could've sworn I just heard something...
Must be going crazy.
No luck...
Someone might come if I keep making noise. I hope, anyway.

More banging ensues

There it is again!
Of course, it's coming from the elevator!
Better go check it out.

*sounds of machine starting up*


The elevator starts moving again.


How many times have we been rescued by Dylan now? I lost count.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde?
So you were making all that noise in the elevator just now!
What's going on in there?
We were on our way down from the roof and the elevator just stopped.
It just stopped?
Yeah, no warning or anything, hence the panic.
After we banged on the door and shouted, it just started moving again.
That'd be because I pressed the button. Obviously the external buttons are working... So I'm guessing that the ones inside are the cause of the problem.

And you have to go all the way to the 1st floor just to press the external button?

Whatever you did, it got the thing moving.
Can't believe this happened so soon after the maintenance though. Sorry about that.
I'll get the elevator people on the phone later and get them to check it again.
You do that.
Just one thing though. A favour.

If she gets wind of this, she's bound to kick up a fuss, you know what she's like.
Sure, no problem.
Okay, I'm going to contact the elevator people.

Dylan marches away.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Are you okay, Mila?
I'm a little shaken, but I'm fine.
Anyway, I really should go.
Time to leave, eh?
Perhaps Rachel will be with us the next time we meet.
Be nice to catch up with her, too.


Bye, Mila

Like Mags said last chapter, the vending machine is now gone. No more drinks for us...

*door opens*

Music: Shadowy Men
Oh, hey, Hyde!
You certainly know how to pick your moments to turn up!
What's he so happy about?

What's happening?
I need your help.

Why am I not surprised

I haven't got any cash to spare.


Aww, it's not about cash, man!
I was just outside when the mailman was delivering this little package. There was no one else around, so I had to sign for it!
A little package?
Yeah, it's addressed to Mags.
Thing is...
I was wondering if you'd take it to her instead of me.

No way. Do it yourself!

No way. Do it yourself!
Aw, come on, man.
Can't you just help me avoid having to see her just this once?
This is about your rent, isn't it?
Is it that obvious?
Well now you know, can't you help me out?
You're a real piece of work, you know that?
So this is the small package.

But thou must.

I'll be sure it gets to her.
I'm counting on you, man.
Oh, while I remember...
Don't tell me you want another favour?
No, just wondered what you're doing this evening?
I had plans, but they kind of fell through.
Aw, and on Christmas Eve too!
How about joining me for a drink then?
I'll be honest, I don't like the idea of you sponging off me to drink all night.
Come on, it's Christmas Eve! I have no plans to sponge anything off you!

Sure you don't

Anyway, keep yourself free this evening, you hear!
I'll give you a shout a little later. I've gotta split now, Hyde.

Tony makes his exit.

For once, we're going to deliver the item immediately. Before we do that, though, let's take a look at it.

Music: Sobering Dream


Is there something I can help you with?
I picked up a small package in the lobby that was addressed to you. Just thought I'd help it reach you safely.
I see, that's very kind of you.
Please, do come inside.

Music: Overstepped Memory

Spoiler: There's never going to be anything worthwhile in Margaret's Front Door.

Oh, and we still can't go further inside.

Mrs Patrice...

Music: Gusty Town

Show old invitation
This is...
Show 1967 hotel photo
This photograph is...
Show funeral photo
The person in the centre of this photograph is Mrs Rivet, I believe.
Show old photo album
About this...
Show Mila's drawing
That's certainly a lovely drawing.

Show package for Mags

Here you go.
Thank you.
I wonder, who would be sending me a package? There doesn't appear to be a name for the sender.

Music stops

Mrs Patrice?
Th-this package, it's...
What is it?

Mags places the small package onto the table with shaking hands.

Would you mind opening it for me, Mr Hyde?

I'm not sure I would...

I'm not sure I would...
It is addressed to you, after all.
Wouldn't it be more appropriate if you opened it yourself?
Well, I...
(She's been shaking since she looked at that thing.)
Alright, I'll do it.

But thou must. Again.