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by 1234567890num

Part 82: Opening the Packages

Well, let's open the package and see what's inside.

Package On the table is a package addressed to Mags.

Zoomed-in package

Music: Blue Lady
You want me to open it, right?
(Why's she this shook up?) *opens the package*

Mr Hyde...
It's just a watch.
A watch?
Yeah, there was a watch inside the package.
Phew, that's a relief. Just a watch.

(What did you think was inside?)

Thank you, Mr Hyde.

Music: Gusty Town

What did you think it contained?

What did you think it contained?
Well, I...

Mrs Patrice...

Don't treat me like a fool!

Don't treat me like a fool!
I beg your pardon?
Come on, you refuse to open a package addressed to you, asking me to open it instead.
I think it's a little rude to remain silent.
It's not that, Mr Hyde.
Please don't think so badly of me.
Then start talking. What did you think was inside?
I... I...
You can do better than that.

Why would anybody send you a bomb?

Why would anybody send you a bomb? And what gives with you making me open it?
The ticking sound just got me thinking.
Also what?
Also, I recalled something else that happened.
I received a troubling letter a while back.
What kind of letter?
Here, take a look for yourself.

"Ignore this warning and you'll face the consequences."

Looks like Dylan was telling the truth after all.

You see...
I have my reason for jumping to such conclusions, especially with a threat like this.
I thought it was somebody's idea of a joke at first and tore it up.
But when I saw the lack of a sender on that package just now,
this letter just came back to me in a flash.
There are all sort of people living in this world, Mr Hyde.
People who won't think twice before resorting to the most extreme measures,

You got that right.
I apologise, Mr Hyde.
I didnt' mean for you to see me in this state.

Music: Blue Lady
Oh yes, Mr Hyde!
Who was the charming young lady who paid you a visit today?
I'm very keen to know.
How did you know I'd received a visitor?
I met her while she was in the lobby. She's very pretty.

Meaning what exactly?
There's no need to get so defensive, Mr Hyde.
I was just curious. I wasn't out to cause any offence.

To be fair, pretty much everyone is curious. Except Dylan, strangely.

I have absolutely no interest in giving advice on who one should or shouldn't date.

That's not helping.

I think it's time I made a move.

I leave Mags's room.

(I'm curious about the way Mags was acting just now.)

*pager beeps*

It's my pager.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

I think we know what Rachel's going to say.


kyle16: Time to give Rachel a call.

Music: Serenity
Hi Rachel, it's me.
Kyle, I've got something to tell you...
Don't sweat it, I already know about Ed.
So I guess you met with Mila then.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm glad you were able to see her.
How's Ed doing?
Things have calmed down now. He's saying that it's just the same old problem and we're all fussing too much. The doctor thinks different though. He said this time was significantly worse than usual.
You think it's time I took a trip to the hospital?
I don't think so, for his sake. You know why, right?

Yeah, I know how he feels about stuff like that.
Leave Ed to me, I'll take care of him. I'll go and check on him at the hospital again later.
Just promise me that, if anything happens, you'll let me know.
Hey, Kyle...
Are you upset that we couldn't meet up this evening?
You know I am.
Right answer. Merry Christmas, Kyle.
Merry Christmas to you too, Rachel.

*Rachel hangs up*

Music: Heating Up

Who's that?

Yeah, that's me.

"I got a small package for you."

(Another package, huh?)
Who's it from?

"The label says Jeanie Hyde."

(Must be the one Mom sent.)

That was quick.

*The deliverer leaves*

So this is what she was talking about when she rang.

Music stops

Package On the table is the small package that arrived from Mom. I take off the wrapping and open the box inside.

Looks like Mom wrote me a card.

"Merry Christmas! In this package are some very precious things from 25 years ago. Your father had been keeping them in his case. Take care. Love, Mom"

Mom... (The suitcase that Dad had in his possession the night he died 25 years ago... The tatty old case that I still use today.)
(What does she mean? What used to be kept inside it?)

Key Looks like a car key.

What the hell's this?
(It's a car key alright, but I don't have any particular memories about it. What would this be doing in Dad's case?)

Card It's a Christmas card from my mom. That was sweet of her.

Ball There's an old baseball.

Can't believe she still held onto this old thing. (This is the same ball I used to throw around when I was a kid.)
(Now I think about it... It was the ball Dad and I used to play catch with in the park.)
(Something left to me by Dad... This is pretty heavy, even for me. Who'd have thought he'd give me a Christmas present?)