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Part 87: Eating and Drinking, Episode 4

Well hello there, Mr Hyde.
Are you by yourself?

Music: Town Dyed Purple
Not this time, I'm with a friend.

I thought perhaps I could join you for a drink.
Oh, you did, did you?
In fact, I've been waiting for the opportunity to have a drink with you for some time.
Tell you what, what are you having? Maybe we could have just one drink together.

You want to drink with me?

You want to drink with me?
I certainly do. I have a feeling we've got a lot in common, you and I.
What makes you think that?
Well, for one thing, I heard from Dylan that you're a salesman.

I'm surprised Dylan hasn't blabbed to Will about Kyle's past.

Beginning to catch my drift?
Just because we share things in common doesn't mean we'll get along, though.
Heh heh heh.
Something funny?

You got me all figured out, huh?
I do believe I have, Mr Hyde.
You're stubborn and selfish, and like everything to go your way.
You have a distinct inability to read the emotions of others and are outspoken.
And you have no qualms about ordering people about.
But you're keen not to let others learn of this trait, as word travels fast.
In short, you have a very tiresome personality.
Tell me, Mr White... Do you normally run off at the mouth this much, or is it the drink speaking?
Hope you don't talk to your customers this way.
I'll let you guess, shall I?
To be honest, I couldn't care less.
You see, it doesn't matter to me which it is.

Especially seeing as this is Christmas Eve and I'm trying to enjoy myself.
I'm sorry you feel like that, Mr Hyde. I was hoping we could spend a while delving into some philosophical conversation.
I'm willing to bet you'll come to regret refusing my offer to talk.
Anyway, I must be on my way.

Will slithers off.

(Who the hell does he think he is?)

Music: Impervious to Love

That sure was something. What do you think about Will, Tony?

Music: Dancing Cat

Oh, hi, Tony!
Looks like my luck's really in today. I didn't expect to see you here.
I thought you said you had plans this evening?
Yeah, I did.
I had lots of them, but they kind of disappeared.
Is that so.
While you're here, though, about that present I promised you before...

Oh, that surely expensive designer bag that Tony planned to buy with Frank's money?

It's okay, Tony.
Besides, I'm more interested in having a few drinks.

I guess Betty's relationship problems make her realize that the present isn't that important. Good for her.

How would you like to join me? It'll be my treat.
Would I ever!
(Typical, first sign of some skirt and he's off like a flash.)


I think we all know the proper choice here.

Lousy traitor!

Lousy traitor!
No need to blow a gasket, man.
I don't give a damn, but didn't Sidney invite you here this evening? What about the food?
Yeah, but I'm sure you can take my share, right?
Don't give me a guilt trip, man, you know I feel bad enough about it already.
But I just can't miss this chance.
If I refuse to go out with her now, it might be the last opportunity I ever get.
That's why I'm asking you, as a friend, not to make me turn her down.
Okay, okay, you convinced me. Now don't keep her waiting.
You're awesome, man!
I knew you'd come round!
(Full of himself as usual, I see...)
Hope you and Sidney have a crazy evening, man!
Okay, let's do this thing!

Tony leaves the café together with Betty.

Music stops
Dammit, man...

I was going to let him spend the evening here on the house.
Yeah, he's got a habit of doing stuff straight off the bat.
Guess that just leaves me and you to enjoy the evening.
Guess so. Time for some drinks.

Music: Glass in the Hand

Your food's ready!
But...where's Tony got to?
He's got a better offer from Betty, I'm afraid.
He left without even tasting my delicious food?
Forget about him, he's not worth it.
I'll give you this, that food sure does look good.
So good, in fact, that I think I'll take care of Tony's portion too!
You will? Better than wasting it! Thanks, Mr Hyde!
I hope you're ready to enjoy our special Christmas Eve banquet!
I'll bring it over to your usual seat.

"Sorry for the wait!"

Here you go! It's roast chicken and a glass of Dad's special vintage bourbon.

The bourbon's from Kentucky, aged 20 years! The roast chicken is fairly standard, but I basted it in a special sauce.
Sounds delicious!
Well, I sure hope it is. Enjoy!

Claire leaves the food and drink on my table and moves away.

Music: Over Easy
There's a plate of roast chicken and a glass of vintage bourbon laid out before me.

If Kyle lost against Sidney posted:

The bourbon will be the one Kyle usually orders, not the 20-year-old one from Kentucky.

If Kyle won against Claire posted:

The bourbon's from Kentucky, aged 20 years! And the roast chicken has been roasted to perfection with crispy skin and juicy stuffing.
Sounds delicious!
Well, I sure hope it is. Enjoy!

Claire leaves the food and drink on my table and moves away.

There's a delicious-looking roast chicken and vintage bourbon laid out before me.

Now I'm hungry