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Part 92: Claire Reagan

Music: Glass in the Hand
I'm sorry, but I'm busy with the cleaning at the moment.


Are you still worried about your dad?

Claire, are you still worried about your dad?
Yes, I am. You remember what we talked about the day before Christmas Eve?
Did you get around to asking him about it?
Did you find out if there's someone special in his life?
I never got round to asking him outright.
But I kind of got an impression from the way he was acting.
So what you're trying to tell me is that you didn't ask, right?
I'm not interested in maybes, I need to know for sure!

I knew it, I just knew it!

Music: Gusty Town

Show funeral photo
I'm sure I recognise the woman in this photo. Wait a second... It's not Marie, is it?
Show reward letter
Is that a letter someone wrote to you?
Show Mila's drawing
Wow! It looks just like you, Mr Hyde!

The last chance for what?

The last chance for what, Claire?
The last chance for him and Mom to get back together!
If Dad doesn't step in and do something right away, it'll be too late. Mom's going to move to Boston!
That's what I mean when I say this is his last chance.
So you're holding out hope for your folks to give it a second try, is that it?
That's right. I want them to get back together more than anything.
I've been wishing for it for ages now.
I see.

That's when she told me about her plans to leave for Boston.
I asked her straight if she'd give Dad a second chance and try to start over.
But this is how she responded...
She said that she still loved him, even now,
but that she couldn't return to Lucky's Café.
Sure, it has good memories for her, but it also has some bad ones too. She was scared that returning here would bring the bad ones back and she couldn't stand it.
What kind of bad memories?
Memories about Dad's loans.
She told me all about it.
After they fell out, business started to decline at the café.

That's what eventually led to them breaking up.

Who was the person he borrowed from?

Who was the person he borrowed from?
It was Mrs Patrice.
That's what I heard. He got the money he needed from her. Mom's never been able to forgive him for that.
And you knew about this?
No, I had no idea.
I'd never heard about it until last night.

What promise?

Claire, what promise was that?

What did he promise?
He promised something on the first Christmas without Mom.
It was a sad Christmas for me. Dad was busy at the café and I was all alone. I waited up until he'd finished work and returned home.
He was a little drunk when he got there, though.
Still, when he saw me, he pulled me into a hug and said that we would find happiness... Just the two of us. He promised that we'd be happier than we'd ever been before.
Happier than you'd ever been, huh?
He forced himself into a smile at the time, but I knew the truth. I could see past his smile and to the tears that fell from his eyes.
I Knew that Mom leaving was the hardest thing he'd ever had to deal with in his life.
That's why I promised him something too that night. I promised that I'd also look for a way for us to be happy.
And that's why you started to think of them getting back together, right?
Right. That's all I've thought about since.
But I don't know what Dad's thinking anymore.
This is the last thing Mom told me last night.
She said Dad still hadn't repaid all the money he borrowed.

Dreaming that Mom and Dad would get back together and we'd all live happily ever after.

I should've known it was never going to happen.
I was stupid to even think it could!
Claire... As we get older, we learn to become more accepting of each other's shortcomings.
I'm sure your folks are no different, either.
So if they really still love each other enough to put that whole ordeal in the past, who's to say that your dream won't come true after all?
My dream?
It's all down to how much affection they still have for each other. I'll tell you what your dad told me last night. I'll tell you just how much your dad still loves your mom...
Mr Hyde...

But sooner or later, both of them are going to sit up and notice how you're feeling.
When that happens, they'll finally be able to answer each other's questions. That's why the best thing you can do is keep that smile on your face and stop sighing!
You're right, Mr Hyde, I need to look on the bright side!

Music: Glass in the Hand
Thanks a million, Mr Hyde, I feel much better now!

Well, that was our 'confrontation' with Claire. It's by far the shortest one.

Music: A Drink in the Evening

Music: Glass in the Hand
How did it go, Mr Hyde?
Did you manage to find out what's been troubling Claire?
I asked her alright, but she's got some serious worries on her mind.
She's worried about love.
About what?
I feared it might be something like that.
I should've known something was up when she left at that hour last night.

As much as I want to rag on Sidney for being overprotective, it's Kyle's fault for causing the misunderstanding

Whoa, hold on there, Sidney. Let's not jump to conclusions.
But you just told me she's having problems with her love life!
THat is what you said, wasn't it?
Not really, no. It's got nothing to do with her love life.

Her mom
It was her mom she met up with last night.
You know what she's hoping?
She's hoping that you and her mom will give it another try.
So that's what it's all about.
Also, there's something I need to ask you.
What is it?