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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 93: Sidney Reagan

Music: Gusty Town

What's happening about Mags's loan?

What's happening with the loan from Mags?
How on earth did you find out about that, Mr Hyde?
Claire let me in on it. And it was her mom who told her.
I see. Well, it all goes back to when we needed money to get this place up and running.
Mrs Patrice was kind enough to give us what we needed.

I've been paying in instalments each month. In half a year my debt'll be settled!
She said she had too many bad memories with money troubles.
For her, it's a very real reason not to give you a second chance to get back together.

How did you know Mags's husband?

How did you know Mags's husband?
He was a customer in the restaurant here when this place was still a hotel. I would wait on his table a lot.
I used to work there when I was younger, you see.
Anyway, George Patrice, or Mrs Patrice's husband as I should call him, was a regular. Very partial to cheesecake, as I recall.
What kind of man was he?
I remember him telling me that he used to play the sax in his youth, but at the time when I knew him, he was the owner of several eateries around town.
To sum him up, he wasn't afraid to spread his money around.
All the waiters jostled for the right to wait on his table.
Of course, all they were after were the tips he'd offer them and nothing more.
He'd always be around when the hotel was having an evening event.

(What connection could this have to the thing I'm looking for?)

There were parties called Scarlet Star?

There were parties called Scarlet Star?
Yes, there were.
Every month, Hotel Cape West would hold a party on a date with the number six in it. Those parties would be called Scarlet Star.
How did they earn that name, though?
I couldn't tell you! I haven't got the faintest idea, I'm afraid.
Other parties that were held there had similar names like Gold Star, or Silver Star. Those were held on dates with the numbers three or nine.
What kind of parties were they?
Just run-of-the-mill affairs, really. You know, the type with food and drinks, and a live band and dance floor.
I was there on a number of occasions and they were all pretty similar.

What does Claire's mom doubt about you?

What does Claire's mom doubt about you?
She thinks there's something between me and Mrs Patrice.
She does?
It was just something my wife was worried about.

My wife was convinced she was guilty.
And from that point, she was sure that Mrs Patrice and I had something going on.
Meaning that, when I borrowed the money, she refused to forgive me for what I'd done.
So, was there any truth to it?
You and Mrs Patrice, I mean? Or was it simply all a huge misunderstanding on Claire's mom's part?

The writers didn't even bother giving Sidney's wife a name

Of course it was just a misunderstanding!
I only had eyes for her! There was never anything between me and Mrs Patrice.

When did Mags stand trial?

Sidney, when did Mags stand trial?


The first choice doesn't actually lead to a Game Over, surprisingly.

So you can't tell me, huh?

So you can't tell me, huh?
Not really.
Well I can't bet it out of you, but I can ask you nicely. Will you tell me?
Yeah, I suppose I could.
Seeing as it's you I'm talking to.
But you have to promise to keep it to yourself, mind!
Of course.
13 years ago...

The jury returned a verdict of innocent, though, and she was freed.

What kind of incident was it?

What kind of incident was it?

(What the hell?)
She was a suspect in a murder case?
She was indeed.
Sidney, why was her husband...
Mr Hyde.
I've got nothing more to say on the matter.
Can we leave it there, please?
The verdict was innocent, and that's all that counts.

I understand.
I just need to make sure,
but you will keep this discussion between us, won't you? I really don't want anything I've said about Mrs Patrice to get out.
I only told you because I trust you.
Yeah, I hear you loud and clear.
Then we understand each other.
The last thing I want is to cause any trouble for Mrs Patrice.
Now, was that everything you wanted to ask me about, Mr Hyde? I do have a café to run, you know!
Actually, there is something else.
What do you want to know?

Music stops

Do I what?
I wanna hear how you really feel about her.
Well, I...

Music: Promise
I love her, and there's no denying it. just haven't got the confidence to tell her.
To tell her you love her?
Not exactly. To tell her that I want us to give it another try. You understand what I'm saying, don't you, Mr Hyde?
Even when two people really love each other, it doesn't guarantee it'll work out.
The real reason we separated was to do with me.
when I think about how it happened now, I an see exactly why she walked out.
If only I could have seen things the way I see them now. I tried to console myself by making her the villain and branding her as heartless.
But the truth is, I was a fool. The worst thing is that it took losing my wife for me to notice how she was feeling. That's why I'm afraid.

I'm sure she's thinking along the exact same lines though.
You may feel unsettled, but you clearly want to have another shot at happiness.
Mr Hyde...
Claire told me about the promise you made her.
She did?
She told me about the first Christmas you spent without your wife. And when you told her that you'd find happiness again together. She's been thinking about that ever since.

Mr Hyde...
It's not my place to dictate to you how your family should be, but I'll tell you this for free: there aren't many families that can get back together.
Most of them who've tried, fail.
Ain't that a fact.
A sad, but true one.
Okay, I need to be somewhere.