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by 1234567890num

Part 95: Margaret Patrice

Music: Blue Lady

I looked it up

I looked it up.
I found out all about him from an old newspaper article I got from the library. It was right there alongside one about your court case.
It seems like you've gone to great lengths to investigate me, Mr Hyde.
Doesn't it.

You know, if we look at it from an outside perspective, it would be creepy.

...Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure Dylan used this excuse on Kyle before.

Tell me...
Why is it that you've been investigating me?
I told you, I'm interested.
I'm keen to learn more about the kind of stuff your late husband played. Not to mention about you, seeing as you're a widow just like my mom.
I see.
So, you know everything it would seem.

Mrs Patrice...

Will you tell me what I want to know?

Will you tell me what I want to know?
I will.

That's unexpected.

We're this close to parting ways forever,
and you've chosen now to grow an interest in me.
Perhaps it's fate, Mr Hyde.
Mrs Patrice...
I'll answer your questions.
I was suspected of murdering my husband!

Music: Distant Memory

When he and I were living together, our house was burgled one day.
The burglar struck me and knocked me unconscious.
When I awoke, my husband's body was laying lifeless beside me. In my right hand, I was clutching the gun that was used to kill him.
I was framed by somebody.
The evidence was more than sufficient for them to hold me as a suspect.

That impressive. Was Phoenix the lawyer?

Did they catch the real culprit?

Was the real culprit caught?
No, they never found him. And though I was declared innocent,
people will always remember the accusations. Mud sticks, or whatever the saying is.

...Guess that answers that.

What you said about my late husband is quite true, Mr Hyde.
He was a regular face at this place when it was a hotel.
On the day I was acquitted, I took control of the money my husband left to me,
and purchased a hotel. I wanted to own the place he held so dear when he was alive.
And that, Mr Hyde, is all this lonely widow can tell you.

*phone rings*

That appears to be the phone.
Would you mind waiting here for me, Mr Hyde?

Music stops

Mags makes he way into the other room to answer the phone.

(Guess I'd better stay here until she's done.)
(Now I think of it,)

Music: Hidden Proof

Lower right frame

(This must be George Patrice.)

Upper right frame

This picture has the signatures of George and Margaret on it.

(This must be a picture of Mags when she was younger.)

Upper left frame

This photograph is of two young women. Based on their clothes, they must be dancers.

The door to the room opens and Mags walks in.

Music: Blue Lady
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr Hyde.
It's no problem, I took the liberty of looking at the pictures on the shelf.
Oh, these old things.

Music: Gusty Town

When was the picture of them taken?

When was the picture of you and your husband taken?
Right after we were married.
That necklace you see still gets worn today.
It was a present from my late husband and is one of a kind.
It's an impressive item, that's for sure.
I love this picture of us more than any of the others I have.
I'm sure your mother has one of her own that she values above the rest too.
(As Mags utters those words, I think to myself.Mom doesn't have a single picture of her and Dad. Not one.)

Does Kyle really have "I think to myself" in his monologue? (This came up once previously, I forgot when.)

Is one of the women in the picture Mags?

That picture hanging on the wall with the two women...
Is one of them you?
You're absolutely right.
Can you tell though, Mr Hyde?
Tell which one of them is me?

Um...looking at the hairstyles...the right?

You're the one on the right

You're the one on the right.
I am indeed. Well done.
Who's the woman in the shot with you?
She was a dear friend of mine.
A fellow dancer.
A dancer?
Yes, it may be hard to believe now, but I was once a dancer.

What's wrong?
My head... It...hurts...
Are you okay?
I'm sorry, I sometimes get like this. It's my reminder of the events that took place during that awful time 13 years ago.
You'd better rest. I'll leave you in peace.
That's very kind of you.
But before you go, Mr Hyde, may I ask a favour? Please keep waht I've told you today to yourself.
I swear, I won't breathe a word to anyone. Okay, time for me to be on my way.

I leave Mags's room.

(Seems she's had a somewhat colorful life.)

"Mr Hyde."


Music: Ace of Diamonds
Can I speak to you?
What's it about?
You went to Mrs Patrice's room, didn't you?
Yeah, that's right.
What did the two of you talk about in there?

What was the moral of our last Game Over?

...I can't remember. It can't be important, right?

We talked about her late husband

We talked about her late husband. There were a few things I wanted to ask.

Kind of out of the blue though, wasn't it? I mean, why are you interested in him all of a sudden?

Because of the murder case

Because of the murder case.
Her husband was the victim of a homicide. And Mrs Patrice was implicated as a suspect.

Mr Hyde...
What are you investigating at the moment?
It's all a bit suspicious to me.
What do you mean?
Anyway, I've got to be on my way.

Dylan goes directly into Mags's room.

(What the hell did he mean just then?)

Music: Legless Tango
It appears you have a head like Swiss cheese, Mr Hyde. I thought I told you not to repeat what we talked about to anyone!
You even promised me!
I can't believe you ignored my wishes like that! I'd be grateful if you could leave this place immediately!

Music: Dream's End
I can't believe it...
(How did I let things get this out of control? Surely I could've avoided this.)

When did I get this bad at keeping promise?
I need to be more careful.

Tony: 7
Dylan: 6
Mags: 4
Frank: 3
Charles: 2
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Punch: 7

Oh, I remember now! It was that no one likes a snitch. Oops