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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 96: Zooming and Enhancing, Ver 2.0

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Well, let's not tattle on Mags this time.

Because I like jazz

Because I like jazz.
One of my favourite hobbies is listening to jazz music. Her husband was a musician who played the sax. I went to ask her about it.
I see.
Are you curious?
No, not really.
Anyway, I've got to be on my way.

Dylan goes directly into Mags's room.

*pager beeps*

It's my pager.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up


Time to give Rachel a call.

Music: Serenity
It's Kyle.
I've got some information for you on Jack Green.

That was quick.

What did you find out?
Well... His name appeared in the 1967 obituaries. It said that Jack Green, a 30-year-old reporter, died in a car accident due to major internal complications and blood loss.
A car accident?
Did you see who he reported for?
I did. It was Los Angeles Beat, the same place as Rex Foster.
Were the two closely connected?
Yeah, they were. They spent three years working together in the editorial department. And what's more interesting is when Rex Foster quit his job... He quit just three weeks after Jack Green's death.

In what way?
It turns out that Jack Green's final article was about the organised crime, Condor. The title was, unsurprisingly, "The Truth Behind Condor". It was actually the first part of a series, but Green ended up dying, so only the first part was ever published.
I really need to get a closer look at that article, Rachel.
Understood. I'll see if I can get hold of a copy for you.
I'm counting on you.
There's something else that stood out, too.
It's abut the area the accident happened in. The location was along Route 971. I knew there was something familiar about the place so I looked it up. It happened on a road between the Los Angeles Beat company building and Hotel Cape West.
There seem to be lots of factors that suggest this was more than a coincidence.
You're right. Lastly, I've got a message for you from Ed.
He left me a message?

who attended the regular parties held at the hotel and the Scarlet Star. That's all he told me.
I see.
I'll be in touch when I have more information. *hangs up*

Music stops
(Jack Green died 13 years ago. He was writing an article about Condor.)
(Also, the message I received from Ed... The one about the connection about the Scarlet Star and the party guests...)
(Now I think about it, Sidney said something too.)

In particular, he always came to the parties they called Scarlet Star.
Every month, Hotel Cape West would hold a party on a date with the number six in it. Those parties would be called Scarlet Star.
(The guests who attended the Scarlet Star parties...)
(That's it! Maybe that photo album I found on the fourth floor can shed some light.)

Music: Heating Up

We could've examined this earlier, but I forgot there's nothing we could do with it.

Upper picture
Looks like your regular party.
Lower picture
Looks like a bunch of people sitting around, chatting.

By examining the pictures, we can zoom in on them. And also enhance.

We can also flip to the second page. Which is the only other page in the album, apparently.

Upper picture
Well hello there, red dress.
Lower picture
Two men in tuxedos smiling at the camera.

Can you figure out which one is the important picture?

I know that necklace...
Of course! That's the necklace Mags always has hanging around her neck!
Which means this woman... It's Mags Patrice... (Just as I thought... Mags is in the picture of the Scarlet Star party.)
(Looks like she's just earned herself another chat with me.)

Spoiler: We're not going to have a chance with Mags right now. It's obvious why after we exit the room.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Mince alors!
Looks like somebody didn't want to be seen, am I right?
Ahem, it's...nothing.
So you didn't hand back the spare key to 205 like you said you would, huh?
That's right, I didn't.
What were you doing in there, Charles?
That would be...
Quit stalling, spit it out! What the matter, did I catch you up to no good or something?

Anyway, get back inside. We've got stuff to discuss.

Looks like we're finally going to have an actual confrontation coming up after several not-quite ones. But before that, let's take a look at some updated profiles.

Music: Sobering Dream