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Part 98: Zooming and Blurring

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Is there anything in your room you think we could use, Mr Hyde?
(Think it's about time I took a look around in my place.)

For once, the person we're helping is actually useful!

Music: Overstepped Memory
Since Charles is being useful here, we'll go get the thing before we look around his room. Which means that most of this update will be us looking for the item...

goblin week posted:

The wine wrap was red, right?

...or maybe not. Well done for remembering

Music: Heating Up

Wine It's the bottle of wine I got from Rachel.

Bottle A ten-year-old Bordeaux red.
I might have it with my next meal.

Wrap The wrapping around this wine bottle's translucent and a deep red colour.

Ah, now this might work. Good thing I'm too lazy to put things in the trash.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Returning to Charles' room...

Knock I can hear Charles's voice from inside the room say, "The door's open."

Show me what you found, Mr Hyde.

Music: Gusty Town

Show 8mm film
What was the person on this film doing on the fourth floor?

Show red wrapping

I figured you could throw this over the lamp... *gives the wrapping to Charles*

Well, what do you think?
Hmm, it might work.
If we do as you say, it should give us just the right kind of light we need.
Let's give it a try! Please place it over the lamp.
Sounds simple enough.

That's nice, but we're going to explore this room first.

Music: Hidden Proof

Top left books These books are about photography.
Top right books At the top there are a set of box files. They each have a label reading "Negatives".
Bottom books This shelf is full of books about filmmaking.
(That makes sense. Charles wants to be a director.)
(He must have read these to help him hone his craft.)
Shelf These shelves are made of sturdy planks. I couldn't have assembled them better myself.
Lamp Looks like a fluorescent lamp.
Notebook This notebook has a title on the front. It says "Report".
Papers Some high-quality writing paper is on the desk, along with a fountain pen.
(I don't think this is the same paper that was used for the order sheet.)
Table A wooden desk is tucked into the corner of the room.
Bust Beside the desk there is a bust made of plaster.
(Why the hell does Charles have a plaster bust in his room?)

Could this be the prop that Charles broke? Seems like he found adhesive from another source.

Left cupboard I see Charles keeps his crockery in the same place I do.
Right cupboard There's an extra little cupboard squeezed in the corner. It has a lock on it.
Bottom cupboard Everything looks clean and tidy down here.
Exhaust If I look at the extractor it will help me obsessively judge how clean everything is. I feel Charles has done a good job of keeping his extractor clean.
Stove The stove is clean. Not a spot of dirt, dust or rust.
Top shelves There are cupboards above the sink, just like in my room.
(I can't see any dirt, or even any scratches. Charles clearly uses his cupboards with care.)
Kitchen sink The sink is gleaming.
(I'm reminded of Tony's room...and the comparison ain't kind to Tony.)
Bottom left shelf These cupboards are full of pots and pans.
Bottom right shelf There's nothing important in these drawers. Just little bits and pieces.
Fridge The refrigerator is white, like pretty much every other refrigerator I've ever seen.
Mirror The mirror's clearly seen a lot of attention from a cleaning cloth. But looking at my face all day isn't my idea of fun. Besides, I have better things to do.
Sink shelf Nothing on the shelf. Where does he keep his toothpaste?
Wash sink Not a speck of dust on the wash basin.

Table lamp The design of this lamp complements the furniture nicely.
Small table There's a table next to the sofa. I think it's only there as a place to put the lamp.
Sofa It's a white sofa.
Big Table The tablecloth has a geometric pattern on it.
Flowers Red flowers in a black vase. Stylish.
Drawers The TV stand has drawers built into it. Let's see what's inside...

Container There's some kind of small, black container in the drawer.
(It might have something to do with developing photographs.)
Films These are films for a camera. The're out of their packaging.
(There must be photos in them already.)
Clips These looks like small clips of some kind.
Bag It's a bag of drying agent.
Maybe someone with more knowledge can explain what these are for.
TV An antenna is sticking out of the television. The TV isn't turned on, however.
( probably shouldn't go around turning on other people's TVs.)
Standing lamp This lamp has a simple, classic design.

Bathtub Why am I investigating Charles's bathtub? For what it's worth, it's nice and clean.
Curtain It's a green shower curtain. Truly beautiful.
Workbench The workbench looks pretty sturdy. But does he have to sit on the toilet to work?
Toilet The toilet's as clean as can be.
Bottles Charles's shampoo and conditioner are on top of the toilet for some reason. The brands are popular with young people this day...I assume.
Tray It's a tray with tongs lying in it.
(He obviously develops photos in this room.)
Flowers It's a vase containing yellow flowers.
Lamp There's an oddly-shaped light on the wall.
Tissue I'm not prepared to unravel the entire roll just in case there are any clues.

I have to say, out of all the rooms we've investigated, Charles' is my favorite with Marie's being a close second. I like how classy they look.

Use red wrapping on lamp I cover the lamp with the red wrapping.

Time to let Charles see my handiwork.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Yes, that red filter will persist until we're done developing the film.

Now we've got the right kind of light, we an begin to develop the photos.
Charles, let me do it.
Sure, if you like, but have you ever done this before?
Not even once.
Then maybe you should let somebody who knows what they're doing take care of it.
But then again, if you really want to try... Oh, alright then.
I suppose I could talk you through it. You'll find the freshly printed film on the workbench next to the toilet. Place it into the liquid-filled tray and move it around until the image appears. When you're happy the image is clear enough, remove it from the tray.
It's very important you give the paper adequate time in the liquid. Not too much, though. The timing for taking the photo out is critical.
Come on, kid, it's not rocket science, is it?

Music: Hidden Proof

Oh no, a red aura! We're about to get a Game Over!

Lamp There's a light on the wall covered in red film.

Tray There's a workbench with stuff for developing photos on it.

Zoomed-in tray
Okay, time for me to develop the photo.
This must be the freshly printed film.

Both leads to the minigame.

As you might've guessed, the entire purpose of this minigame is to contrive an opportunity for a Game Over. So let's get that over with.

These are our results for pulling too early/too late. They lead to the same Game Over.

Ah! Crap!

"What happened? I'm coming in, Mr Hyde."

Were you able to develop the photo okay?
Well that's the thing... I might have messed up the timing for taking it out. The photo looks kinda blurry.

Music: Joke's On You
What have you done?
Didn't I tell you the timing for taking it out has to be perfect!
You might have mentioned it.
That was the last print we had, too.
Now we'll never know for certain who that was in that photo.
I think you need to face the fact that we'll never see this photo properly, Mr Hyde.

I think it's kinda obvious who the person in the photo is.

Music: Dream's End
Tell me you're joking!
(Well I royally screwed that up! I should've paid more attention to what Charles was telling me.)

Guess I got a little too careless.
No going back now.

Tony: 7
Dylan: 6
Mags: 4
Frank: 3
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Punch: 7

This one is really stupid. It's so stupid that the aura lasts until "Dream's End" starts playing.