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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 99: Zooming and Enhancing, Ver 3.3

Alright, let's do this properly this time.

We have to wait around 15 seconds to get the best result.

Even in the blurred version, it's still obvious who it is.

Looks like I'm a natural!
Nice to see you again, Frank Raver!

Now, I just need to compare the photo to the film.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Yeah, piece of cake. Maybe I should change my career.
Ah, very good Mr Hyde.
While you were doing that one, I got some other photos ready.
Maybe you'd like to compare them?

How did it go? Did you manage to find out who the person on the film was?

Well, while we'll do that, let's take a look at some new descriptions.

Music: Sobering Dream

What we actually need to do is to compare the photos. We can do that by using the 'Compare' button, which most of the players usually forgot about becuase it's never been used.

Time to compare the photo with the 8mm film.

And now we have to go all the way to the relevant part

Riveting, I know.

We have to find the one whose watch matches the film.

Frank No way that's Frank.
Tony Nah, not Tony.

Apparently Frank's photo isn't the important one. Which means that the previous Game Over is completely pointless. Hooray

Will Bingo. Hold on... There's a camera there with him. Maybe he caught something on film...

That settles it. The person on the film was none other than Will White!
Now to figure out what the hell he was doing up there on the fourth floor.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde! How did it go?
I know who the person in the film was.
Turns out our mystery star was Will White.
Really? Interesting... What do you think he was doing up there, though?
I'm afraid I haven't cracked that part yet.
Well, I would go and ask him, but...
I doubt he'd tell you, even if you ask nicely.
I'll get to the bottom of this, don't you worry.
Okay, I'll leave it to you.
Guess I won't be needing this film anymore. Might as well return it. *returns the film and the photos*
Thanks for showing me this, Charles.
I've gotta go.

*Kyle goes out the room*

(So it was Will... I think he and I need to have a frank Q & A session.)

Will there be an actual honest-to-goodness confrontation this time?


Nobody's home, huh?

The door to room 305 opens.

Looks like Mr White hasn't been home since yesterday.
Did you think it would be that simple?
What are you on about?
Sure, I know you told me that you were looking into him and his activities, but does that mean you're just going to meet up and ask him a couple of questions?
For somebody who used to be a detective, I was hoping for a more exciting approach.
I can't say I'm not disappointed.

But that's how we usually did them, though

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Charles... If you've got something to say, just go ahead and say it already!
Okay, Mr Hyde, I will.

Why, you say? Well, that's because I've had my eye on him for a while now.
You mean you've been watching him?
Yes, keeping tabs on his movement. He's rarely home, but there's somebody who visits room 306 on a regular basis. And when he does come home, he goes out again very late at night.
I'm almost certain that he's not a real salesman.
You need to do a lot more than ask questions if you want to get to the bottom of this.

You can't torture someone if he's never there!

Very funny. I meant you should definitely take a look around in room 306 when he's out.
Now might be a good time to do so.

Are you suggesting Kyle to do some breaking and entering? Because we've done that before

Fancy yourself as a bit of a detective yourself, do you?
Not quite. But two sets of eyes have got to be better than one, right?
I suppose you've got a way to get into the locked room too, have you?
That's easy. We can use some wire to pick the lock.

Now we're talking! Let's get a hanger and pliers from Kyle's room...

Way to go, Charles. Outstanding.


We won't get caught, trust me.


*The door opens*

Uh, h-hello Charles...
(What the hell was Dylan doing in there?)

If Dylan was the protagonist, this would've been a Game Over. But he's not, so we'll just

Charles is so surprised he even said 'where' instead of 'were'.

I was just...
Well I was just passing by and heard a noise. I knew Mr White was out so I was worried. I figured I'd see if I could find out who made the noise by peering through the keyhole.
That's what happened, isn't it, Mr Hyde?
Yeah, just like the kid said.
When I was just about to take a look, you burst out.
You took me completely by surprise.
What were you doing in White's room, Dylan?
Nothing much, I was just...
I was taking care of something Mr White asked me to do.
And what was that?

...Really?! That's just as bad as Kyle's "wanting to see the view" excuse for borrowing Charles' key! And I'm pretty sure that only works because Charles was suspecting something.

Turn it off? Why'd he ask you to do that?
To prepare to move out of course. I've got a spare key so I let myself in.
Don't people normally turn the water off last before moving out?

It's like I just told you, I'm only doing what he asked me to do.
Anyway, I have to go now.

Dylan looks flustered as he moves away and disappears.

Smooth, Dylan