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by HydroSphere

Part 2: The Hand Sandwich - Part 1

Case Two is still hiding.

Oh, where is everyone?

Well, seeing as I've got the place to myself, I might as well have a practise.

Ahem! The true culprit of this crime...

There are probably better ways to make a lasting first impression.

Oh! No, I'm...

Who are you?

Ah, yes, I do seem to recall reading some memo about a new assistant the other day.

That's me. Pleased to meet you, er....I don't think I caught your name.

Oh, yes. Sorry. I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?

As you've probably guessed, Inspector Alfendi Layton, complete with his Dangan Ronpa protagonist hairstyle, is the other lead character.

But please don't feel obligated to stick to formalities when you address me.

Oh, well then. Seeing as you'll be showing me the ropes and whatnot, how about I call you 'Prof'?

I'm not entirely sure that's appropriate.

Well, you did say there's no need to stick to formalities, didn't you? 'Prof' it is, then!

Hm. Just bear in mind that I haven't yet decided if this will be a permanent position for you or not.

Alfendi certainly comes across as being more uptight than Hershel, at least on first impression. Alfendi certainly has every right to tell Lucy not to call him Prof, and Lucy should have respected that, but implying that she could lose her job because of it seems a slight overreaction.


A rather interesting new case has just cropped up as it happens. The perfect opportunity to prove yourself.

Let me talk you through the case. It happened just a few days ago, at a hotel in a very busy holiday resort.

Yes. It's a five-star hotel with a wonderful sea view.

Unfortunately on this occasion, it was also the scene of a murder.

Oh. A murder, eh?

The writers obviously decided to take a leaf from Ace Attorney's book with the pun names.

Though she has stayed at the hotel alone on several prior occasions, this time she was with her lover.

It was the bellboy, a Mr Zach Carrière who brought the order to the room. He's the first suspect.

Sorry for the number of screenshots that have someone with their eyes closed.

After Carrière left the room, a man claiming to be Ms Aldwich's lover turned up.

Claiming to be?

Yes. This is where it gets a little complicated. You see, the man who turned up at the hotel that day stubbornly refuses to identify himself.

Sounds pretty guilty if you ask me.

He let himself in using a key card that she'd sent him.

If you believe his statement, yes, that's what he's saying.

I don't know...Withholding his identity? That's dead fishy.

Yes. Anyway, let me tell you the rest.

That brings us to next suspect: a hotel cleaner who saw the sign and went in to clean the room.

Her name is Vera Wiposky.

She started to clean the room as normal. At some point, she drew the closed curtains back, and noticed Aldwich was outside on the terrace.

But sadly, that wasn't the case.

She'd been strangled to death.

And she lay there with one hand inside the sandwich she'd ordered.

Eh? A hand sandwich?

Whatever could that mean?

If you manage to work that out, you'll pass my test.

Oh. Well, I'll do my best.

Good. Right, well, let's see what we have on the suspects so far.

Okay, I'm all ears.

As I've said, we're looking at three possible suspects.

He does admit to having been in the room at around the time of the murder. However, he claims he never saw or spoke to her.

So do you think she were somewhere else then?

Either that, or she was on the terrace, and he simply didn't notice. It seems the curtains were closed when he came into the room.

I've already confirmed that it's impossible to see anything on the terrace with the curtains shut.

Still you'd think he'd figure it out. I mean you'd know, wouldn't you? If you were lovers.

Apparently, in this world, having a lover means you gain the psychic ability to always know the exact location of said lover. Or maybe Lucy's been reading the Sword of Truth series.

And he won't tell us his name. Come on, do we really have to look any further? It were him!

Let's just move on to the next suspect, shall we? Before making any rash judgements.

And this Carrière fellow, he saw Aldwich when she were still alive, didn't he?

If you believe his statement, then yes, he's the last person to have seen the victim alive.

I'd say that's worth double-checking then, eh?

She saw the service request sign on the door and entered the room to clean it, then discovered the body.

Hmm...The one who discovered the body, eh? Fishy.

And that's everyone who's under suspicion.

The most intriguing thing about this case, of course, is why Aldwich's hand ended up in her sandwich.

Aye, that sarnie's a right brain-teaser and no mistake.

Obviously it couldn't have just happened by chance. It clearly has some meaning.

Okay, I follow you. I'll be sure to have a good look into the sandwich.

So, now you have all the information, who do you think the culprit is?

Eh!? Just off the top of my head, you mean? Hadn't I better take a look at the crime scene and all that stuff first?

Over there? How do you mean?

Have a look.

By 'eck, Prof! What's this?

It completely eliminates any need to leave the office and travel to the real scene of the crime.

I had no idea modern policing were so advanced.

Well actually, you won't find a machine like this anywhere else. It's one of a kind.

So, shall we get down to the actual investigative business now?

What? Just five minutes?

Don't worry, Lucy.

I'm well aware it's hard for you to determine the culprit based on your current knowledge of the case.

Why don't you tell me what your gut instinct is, first of all? Who do you feel like the criminal is?

Listening to your hunches is a vital part of the process. After that, we'll start making some deductions.

Understood, Prof.

The yellow circles denote areas of interest. Tapping one takes you to a zoomed in-view.

Once you've zoomed in on an area of interest, you'll be able to tap on the various items to add them to the evidence.

You can also use the slider at the bottom to further zoom-in; this will sometimes reveal new evidence.

Once you've collected all the evidence from one of the areas, the circle will change to grey, and will have a check-mark in the centre.

You can also rotate the view around, but it's not needed for this case.

Investigating the other points of interest in the crime scene:

The Potted Plant:

The Window:

Once you've finished collecting all the evidence, you need to tap the Name the Culprit button to move things along.

In addition to the evidence just collected, each suspect has given a couple of statements. The red bar in the top right-hand corner allows you to read the case summary, which is basically a shortened version of the summary Alfendi just gave us, change the music and sound effect levels, check the witness statements and the evidence we've collected so far.

The victim's lover

Statement 1:

Yes, I went into the room, but I had no idea Sandy was out on the terrace. How could I? The curtains were drawn shut.

Statement 2:

Actually when I entered the room, there was a strong smell of scent. It wasn't Sandy's perfume, it was the aftershave that bellboy I passed in the corridor wears.

Statement 3:

I left the room and hung the “Please make up my room” sign on the handle as I went. It was an absolute pigsty in there.

Zach Carrière

Statement 1:

Mademoiselle Aldwich had called room service. She wanted to eat on the terrace, so I took her food out to the table there and then immediately left the room.

Statement 2:

While I was delivering her order, Mademoiselle Aldwich and I spoke. She shared my passion for crime fiction. We had a lively conversation on the topic.

Vera Wipovsky

Statement 1:

I only cleaned the room, that's all! The sign was on the door. All the doors lock automatically when they close, but I have a master key, you see.

Statement 2:

I opened the curtains while I was cleaning the room, and there was the young girl out on the terrace. I was surprised, so I called out to her, but...she was dead?

Does any one have any comments about the current layout of this LP? I'm especially concerned about the evidence gathering, since some of the cases have quite a lot of evidence. Are you happy for me to continue using thumbnail images, or should I just put the evidence gathering in a test post, and link to it?