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Part 3: The Hand Sandwich - Part 2

I see. And what's your reasoning?

Well, he were the last person to see Aldwich alive. And if it were him, it would make the statements of the other two add up nicely.

Yes, that's true.

Of course, you could say exactly the same about the other two suspects.

Those facts alone aren't enough to prove anything.

No, I suppose not. Do you have a better idea then, Prof? Do you think you know who did it?

Oh yes, certainly.

According to my deductions, I'm...

...97.6% sure of the killer's identity.

You work to one decimal place? I'm shocked.

The fact is, this is an unusually simple case.

Why is it being handled in the office known for dealing with the tough cases that no one else can solve then?

I've been able to ascertain almost exactly what happened on the day of the incident.

Nevertheless, there's a 2.4% window of uncertainty which cannot be ignored.

Because of the helpful fellow that won't tell us his name, is it?

Naturally that's one area of uncertainty, yes.

So it were the nameless wonder after all, eh?

There's been alarm bells ringing in my head ever since you said he were claiming to be the lass's boyfriend.

: Aye, this were a crime of passion!

The stone heart that appeared on Mr Fool is like a damage indicator. As Alfendi and Lucy break the arguments of a witness/suspect, the stone heart will start chipping away, and eventually break.

Sorry, Lucy. I neglected to tell you.

I was interviewing this man earlier.

Oh, right.

What's your problem with me, huh? What have I done wrong?

Well, Mr, er...err....oh, that's right, we don't know your name.

The red and green arrows appear during witness interviews. They're really more decorative than anything else.

Now let's all try to remain calm, shall we? This is all conjecture. No one's making any accusations.

Perhaps if you could explain why you feel the need to withhold your identity...?

Okay, sure. I refuse to tell you who I am. But I swear I've done absolutely nothin' to break the law.

I can't have my name printed in connection with this kind of thing. I've got my business to think about.

I, I might do.

You've got it in one, officer.

Look, I've told you everythin' I know about what happened that day. Where I was, who I saw.

Until my lawyer turns up, I'm not obligated to tell you anythin' more.

I see. That's fine. We do understand.

You're free to go, then.

Eh? You're just going to let him waltz out of here?


Doorbell rings.

We have another appointment now, anyway.

Urgh, what is that smell? It's that aftershave again...

I dunno why you're making such a fuss about me. Haven't you got the guy who did it already?

Actually, we have yet to make a firm decision on that.

But I'm good to go, right?

Ooh, he's so full of himself. I'm going to find summat on you, you mark my words!

Well, first we have another interview to conduct with someone else.

I believe he's already waiting outside.

Oui, that is my name. May I ask what all this is in aid of?

As the last person to have seen the victim alive, we were hoping you'd be able to assist us with our enquiries.


Yes, we're investigating the young woman's death and we'd like you to fill in a few gaps for us.

Oui, bon. If this is all you are asking, I am 'appy to try 'elp you. As it 'appens, I am a great fan of crime fiction. I 'ave many things to say about this case, Inspecteur.

Oh, no...

Well, we'll look forward to hearing your opinions, Mr Carrière.

Par exemple, something Vera – you know, the cleaner – told me. It is very strange.

Oh aye, the hand sandwich, eh?

There were a piece of fried fish just next to it that caught my eye. Very sus, if you ask me.

You 'ave noticed? Bravo, mademoiselle! You are a detective par excellence.

If we can establish how Ms. Aldwich died, we may learn something about the sandwich mystery in the process.

Of course! This is elementary detective work, n'est-ce pas Inspecteur?

Like many foreign language speaking characters in video games, Carrière suffers from random aphasia.

Grand idea, Prof.

So, Lucy. Let's get this investigation underway, hm?

Right you are!