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Part 7: The Bungled Burglary - Part 1

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

I'm eager to see where this goes, but enjoy your time out of town, HS.


On to Case Two.

Achoo! Alfendi! Hmph. Not here.

Lucy arrives.

Can I help you, miss?

Oh? Al's got a young woman in here, has he? Sniff.

Alfendi arrives.

Ah, hello, Florence. You're actually on time today, I see.

Not funny, Al.

I don't think I want to know what's going through Florence's head.

No! I've just started work here. I'm Lucy, Lucy Baker.

Oh, new blood, is it? Well, anyway, enough – Achoo – preamble. I want you to look into a case. I've sent our lab report over already.

It's not like you to ask for help with a case, Florence. Is it especially puzzling?

It's as clear as a test tube. A burglar broke into a flat and – Achoo – killed one of the residents.

Well, if it's that black and white, how you want us to get involved?

Because it doesn't add up. Sniff.


The suspect's as suspicious as they come. He's made a statement already, but I'm certain there's more to it than, than – Achoo! - meets the eye.

So you want the Prof to look into it and figure out what's niggling you, is that it?

Yes. Would you mind...'Prof'?

I'm not sure I like you calling me that, Florence.

If that's your only objection, I presume you'll take it on, Prof?

If you promise to make that the last time you address me like that.

Al, you have a deal.

So, where's the file?

Didn't I already say I'd sent it over?

Oh yes, here it is. Yes, we'll start investigating this at once.

Just know this: If you fail to solve it, I swear I'll keep calling you 'Prof' until the end of your days.

Lucy, we have to solve this case. Failure is not an option!

Alfendi really doesn't like being called Prof.

Not that that's going to stop Lucy.

Right, let me tell you what we know. The victim in this case is a young male, murdered in his first-floor flat.

We've already managed to identify him, and he's something of a loose cannon.


According to her statement, the killer was a muscular man dressed entirely in black.

That should give us a good head start with finding him then, eh?

He got him? What do they need us for then? There's nowt for us to do, surely.

Well, the apprehended man has an alibi of sorts. He's a known petty criminal by the name of Buster Nicks.

Oh, very nice! The lies some people tell!

In his statement, however, he claims he didn't see anyone coming down from the floor above.

Of course he didn't. Because it were him that did it. The thieving numpty's incriminated himself wi' that!

I think not. If he wanted to deceive us, he'd be claiming he did see someone else running away, surely?

Oh. Aye, I suppose you're right. That would make more sense.

That's what's really bothering me. If you conclude Nicks is telling the truth, things get very complicated.

Don't they just.

So, let's start making some deductions, shall we?

Do you think you can determine who did it from the crime scene and witness statements we have?

You're going to put me ont' spot again, are you?

I tell you what. First let me fill you in on the three suspects.

Very suspiciously, he was caught in the gardens around the block of flats immediately after the incident.

But there's his statement, don't forget. If he really is our man, then what he said doesn't make sense.

No, quite. We must be careful not to jump to any conclusions.

His actions, from when the incident occurred to when he caught Nicks seem to be nothing be laudable.

He could have always engineered it that way, couldn't he, though?

She claims to have been showering at the time of the incident and was the one who discovered the victim.

Wow, what a stunner!

Oh, really? Is she?

Are you joking?

Well, anyway, that's what we know about the suspects. Now, I've set up the reconstruction device to include all the info we've gleaned so far for your perusal.

We're a little short on details for you to say with any certainty at this stage, but...

...what's your gut instinct, Lucy? Who do you think the culprit is?

Once you've had a think about that, we'll start trying to make some logical deductions.

Identify the killer immediately is pretty much self-explanatory, choosing this option allows you to skip the timed initial investigation, and pick a culprit.
Ask for advice; Alfendi will give you a hint as to what you should be paying particular attention to while investigating.
Investigate the crime scene, starts the initial timed investigation.
Have a think about it. Skips the initial investigation, and identifying the culprit; the game will skip straight to Alfendi's deductions.

Be careful when you're assessing the witness statements.

We can never be sure who is telling the truth and who is lying.


Even witnesses who seem extremely suspicious aren't necessarily so, and may well give reliable statements.

Well, that Nicks fellow seems dead sus to me. I'm definitely taking his statement with a pinch of salt.

The truth will come out. It's all there at the scene of the crime, waiting for us to unravel it. You should try to observe what would have been different at the scene before and after the incident.

What were changed from the time before the victim were killed to after, you mean? Okay.

Personally, the smashed window is what grabs my attention.

There'll be nowt we can say about anything if we don't hurry up and investigate the crime scene!

Eager to get started? Good.

I'll turn on the reconstruction device, then.

Lets get snooping!

This is the flat where the incident took place. Have a look around. I'll only give you five minutes though.

No problem.

The crime scene:

The bed:

The Bathroom:

The front door:

The kitchen area:

The balcony:

The table in the middle of the room:

The body:

The wardrobe in the corner of the room:

That's about it for this crime scene.


Goldie Potsby-Mahn

Statement 1:

I was taking a shower when I heard my husband scream. I knew something was wrong, so I hurried out of the bathroom.

Statement 2:

When I came out of the bathroom, I saw an outlaw running away across the balcony. He was a very muscular man, dressed all in black.

Chase M. Downes

Statement 1:

I headed up to the flat as soon as I heard the window breaking. The door was locked, so I knew the crook would use the balcony. There's no other way out.

Statement 2:

As soon as I heard the crook had done a runner, I scooted round the outside of the block. I caught a dodgy-looking man dressed all in black by the rear entrance.

Buster Nicks

Statement 1:

I was planning on breaking into a gaff on the ground floor. I was just about to do the window in, when I heard glass breaking on the floor above. I nearly died!

Statement 2:

I looked up a storey, and saw there was a window broken. I thought it must have been one of my lot, but I didn't see no one come out. Then the incredible bulk got me.