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Part 8: The Bungled Burglary - Part 2

Hmm...What brings you to that conclusion?

His beef. Someone as burly as that would have no trouble committing murder.

Infallible logic.

I reckon he planned to set up Nicks for it right from the start.

Really? You mean to say you think Nicks' break-in was somehow arranged by Downes? How?

Well, erm...

Hmph. Let me tell you what I think.

I suspect the true victim is in fact the victim's wife, Potsby-Mahn.

You don't!

Yes. I can say that with...

Before Alfendi gives us his percentage of probability (or before the auto-save kicks in), let's go back and name Potsby-Mahn as the most likely culprit.

Interesting. What brings you to that conclusion?

She were the one that found the body.

Once you see it makes no sense for that thief, Nicks, to have given a false statement, she's next ont' list.

I can't say it's a compelling deduction, but I think you're right to suspect the wife.

Alfendi's still not entirely happy.

In fact I'd say there's a...

...96.4% probability that Potsby-Mahn is the culprit.

You're pretty sure of yourself again, aren't you, Prof?

Well, there's still an uncomfortable 3.6% band of uncertainty that we must eliminate.

I'll need to speak directly to the suspect in order to clear up one or two loose ends.

I assume you mean....

Our prime suspect, Ms Goldie Potsby-Mahn.


Lucy honestly seems stunned at the idea of interviewing a suspect.

Though it's not officially related to this case, the woman has an extremely worrying history. She's had three previous marriages, every one of which has ended with her spouse dying.

Give over! Talk about leaving a trail.

The police and the insurance companies investigated the incidents, of course.

But they couldn't find any indication of foul play.

Maybe she's just dead unlucky then, do you think?

Let's reserve judgement on that until we've met the woman in person. She should be here any minute.

Do you think she has any idea we're onto her?

Alfendi must be capable of telepathic communication; he's been with Lucy since he found the file Florence sent.

I guess we'll just have to try and catch her off guard then, eh?

Yes, I don't expect she'll give much away, but as we home in on the truth, hopefully she'll get flustered.

I'm counting on your help, Lucy.

Well, it doesn't sound like it's going to be a walk in the park, but I'll do what I can.

Good. Because I believe she's here.

What the--

Ms Goldie Potsby-Mahn?

That is mah name. A pleasure to meet you, I'm sure.

And, er...who's this fellow with you?

Well, I would have thought that was perfectly plain.


You've got a new fellow? Already? But your husband's barely cold!


Oh, yes, I did have a husband, that's right.

Ee, talk about unfeeling...

And what's that you've got around your fellow's neck? A collar?

Isn't it swell? I chose it mahself.



You can't do that!

Well, I do declare! The pohlice, interfering in a young lady's private affairs of the heart!

No, that's not what I meant at all. I were--.

However, I wonder if we might ask your friend to leave us alone while we discuss the case?

Bing is mah best friend, Inspector. We have no secrets between us. If I say stay, he stays.

I'm afraid I cannot allow information about the case to be revealed to a third party.

Please, if you wouldn't mind...


Oh, very well. Bingo, home, boy! Go wait for me under the porch.



Bing leaves.

Thank you. Now, allow me to introduce myself, if a little late.

I'm Inspector Layton.

And I'm Lucy Baker, the Prof's assistant.

And what is it that you want with l'il ol' me? I already gave the nice gen'leman mah statement.

Why, everyone knows it was that no-good outlaw who committed the heinous crime.

Indeed, as likely as that may seem, there are a number of issues we still need to clear up.

Oh really, Inspector?

Yes. Well, two issues, to be precise.

Firstly, the exact circumstances of the victim's death.

Secondly, there's the intruder's point of entry.

Why, through the window, of course.

Naturally, I have read all the witness statements. It's our job to iron out all these little details one by one, you see.

I hope you won't mind helping us?

It would be mah pleasure, if it helps to bring that murdering outlaw to justice.

Good. So, Lucy, shall we begin our investigation?

Aye, let's get stuck in, Prof!

So these are the issues we still need to clear up about the case, are they?

Yes, if we can solve these little riddles, it will lead us to the truth about what happened.

Why, they're both as plain as day!

Perhaps, but we need to confirm they're as clear-cut as it seems. Lucy, where do you want to start?

Let's see now...

Nature of attack:

We should start by examining the body.

Right you are.


So, let's explore the scene of the crime. If anything jogs your memory, Ms Potsby-Mahn, do tell us.

I'm sure I don't see the point of all this carry-on when I have already told you who the criminal is.

I'm afraid this is just the procedure we always follow, so if you wouldn't mind playing along.

Alright, Lucy, let's get started.

Are you sure this l'il spring chicken is up to the task, Inspector? She seems mighty inexperienced.

Oh, please!

There's no need for concern. I shall be keeping a close eye to make sure everything is done in the proper way.

Right. I think you've established the cause of death now, haven't you?

Aye. He were fatally stabbed.

Yet Nicks wasn't found carrying a likely murder weapon, so....

And am I to understand that you have no idea what the murder weapon even is?

Please, be patient.

Lucy, we need to locate the murder weapon.

I'll track it down, Prof, don't you worry.

I do believe you need a helping hand. The thief fled over the balcony. Maybe look there?

We already know that there isn't anything that could have been used as the murder weapon on the balcony, so let's take another look at those knives in the kitchen area.

There's some kitchen knives here, Prof. Could be the job.

That would be consistent with the long, thin blade that forensics tells us the victim was stabbed with.

Sadly not. That's not the weapon we're looking for.

Oh? Why not?

An officer already found those knives and forensics has examined them for traces of blood. None was found. In fact, they look almost brand new.

Given Alfendi's remark in the last case about the inefficiency of home-cooking, that was probably meant more as a compliment, rather than an insult.

Oh, pity. I thought I were on to summat with that.

On the contrary. We will most certainly find it. Lucy, let's keep looking.

The only other possibility is the broken glass shards.

These shards of glass are pretty sharp, Prof.

You mean one of the larger ones could have made a makeshift weapon?

That's what I was thinking, aye.

Yes, the investigating officers had the same idea, so forensics studied every contender.

Eh-up, here comes a 'but'.

But, none of the shards match the size and shape of the victims wound.

Keep looking, Lucy. What else could have been used?

When is all this carry-on going to end? Mah poor heart surely cannot take much more.

The pohlice have already turned mah home upside-down and found no trace of a murder weapon.

Surely you should be looking in the grounds where that murdering outlaw was caught instead?

We've already completed a thorough search of the surrounding area.

What, stuck a knife down his throat? Give over!

Now don't tell me you have never seen a sword-swallower before?

Perhaps we should take a step back and examine the facts we know about the murder weapon again?

Lucy, there were no other obvious signs of physical trauma on the victim, correct? What does that tell you? He was stabbed in the back and has no other wounds, so...

I couldn't agree more.

So we can be fairly certain the victim were killed in a surprise attack.

The man is beyond contempt!

That would be nothing short of a miracle.

After all, we're talking about a complete stranger entering the room.


Poor Jack. He must have drifted off to sleep in front of the television. Mah poor honey did that a lot.

That's an interesting new piece of information. We'll file it as a witness statement if you don't mind.

I'd say that's more or less all we can deduce about the circumstances of death at this stage.