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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 11: The Bungled Burglary - Part 5

Hm, not a bad idea.

Eh? Prof? Are you alright?

Lucy visibly flinches back from Alfendi here.

Don't get uppity with me now, Inspector!

Oh, but you enjoy it, don't you? You kill for money, but it's not the cash you're after, it's the kick.

Isn't it?

What are you on about Prof? What's got into you?

I can just imagine it...

I will not fall into your petty trap, Inspector! Need I remind you, that you still have not even found this murder weapon of which you speak?

And we never will.

Inspector, I do declare you have lost your mind.

Are you suggesting the murder weapon just vanished into thin air?

You'd be delighted if that's what we concluded, wouldn't you?

But let me put it another way. The weapon that was used to stab Jack Potsby didn't exactly vanish.

Eh? What, in a furnace or summat? Oh, hang on. I think I get it now. I know what happened!

The murder weapon must have been melted in this pot!

If you present the bath here, Alfendi concedes that it may potentially be possible to melt something in a bath, but since the weapon would have been covered in blood, and the bath was checked for traces of blood, it's not the right answer.

I, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Where's the cutlery? Where are the bowls? The pasta sauce?

I, I had intended to prepare those things later, but....

I don't think so!

No, the pasta was prepared for the sole purpose of the little disappearing act.

Oh, aye. I'm with you now, Prof.

The murder weapon was....

The weapon used to stab Jack Potsby to death were a knife made of ice!

Why, anyone with an ounce of horse sense can see this is just a fiction you have concocted.

Even if there was a knife made of ice like you's gone now, has it not?

Well, no, perhaps not, but, er...

That looks painful.


Pardon me, Inspector?

Are you back to normal now, Prof?

What are you two whispering about over there?

We're discussing the ice knife.

You are of course correct that the knife itself is no more.

I surely would like to see it!

Lucy, do you know what was used?

It were this damp piece of card that were used to mould the shape of the knife!

If you fail to pick up the card before now (you don't have to check the bathroom at all during the mandatory investigation), it will still appear as a piece of evidence here. This is a little odd, especially since the game does allow you to break off a confrontation to return to the crime scene if you want/need to do any further investigating.

Aye, if you fold it back up along the creases, let's see what you get...

Yes, you lined the mould with cling film or the like, then filled it and put it in the freezer to make your knife.

Why, it's nothing more than a coincidence! Anyone can see that.

We have more evidence against you. After you stabbed your husband, you used a towel to wipe the blood off the knife.

The towel we found ont' balcony!

Yes. And once you were satisfied you'd removed all the blood, you put the icy weapon in the boiling water.

I'm sure I do not follow!

In my experience, no one ever manages to remove all the traces of blood from a weapon. If you indeed dissolved the knife that killed your husband in boiling water...

Why, you little...

Lucy, have forensics go over the pot for us, will you?

Straight away, Prof.

Lucy briefly leaves and returns.

I spoke with forensics. They're on the case already.

Now we merely need to wait for the results.

I have no intention of admitting to anything, Inspector!

Unfortunately for you, there is no logical way in which you are not guilty.

If you will cast your mind back. We showed there was no way into the flat where the incident took place. The door and windows were locked.

Oh, please!

You admitted yourself that you did not leave the flat.

In your own words, 'the apartment which I never left'.

No, I...I...

Or is that another statement you would now like to retract?

I demand to see mah attorney! You cannot continue to question me in this way!

Certainly. Lucy, make the necessary arrangements, please.

Will do, Prof.

Why, to be accused because of such a petty l'il thing....