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Part 12: The Bungled Burglary - End

Yes, she did.

I were in a right tizz when the lab said they'd found nowt on that clock hand, I can tell you.

Ha ha. Don't worry, Lucy. You weren't alone.

It's a bit of a gamble as to whether they'll find any traces of blood in the pot of pasta as well.

You're joking, aren't you?

I'm pretty sure she's going to confess now, though.

Pretty sure, eh?

She's—achoo!--admitted everything.

What about Bing? Did someone collect him from the car?

Ee, what a relief!

It seems she was after the man's life insurance.

She told us as much when we were questioning her, would you believe?

Oh. Well, did you know this? We've found out that Potsby won a, a, a – achoo! - very large sum of money last year. That's when Ms Mahn came into his life. Hardly what you might call a coincidence.

She were a real gold-digger, eh?

Well, it seems Potsby was spending money like water.

I see. So it was something of a rush job. She no doubt prepared better for her other spouses.

So it's all done and dusted then? Fabulous!

I must say, Al, you don't look very well. Are you alright?

Probably that Jekyll and Hyde moment you had's taken it out of you, eh, Prof?

That's a bit of an exaggerated way of describing it, Lucy.

But I do feel a little under the weather. I think I'll go home early if no one objects?

Are you sure you'll be alright?

It's nothing a bit of sleep won't cure, I'm sure. Can you close up the office when you leave?

Consider it done.

Alfendi leaves.

So it happened again, did it?

Hey, do you know then, Florence? About the Prof?

Whatever's it all about eh?

Calm down, Lucy. I really don't know all that much about it. But you're safe as long as there's a criminal present.

You don't hear that said every day!

You won't come to any harm.

So he's got some kind of vendetta against all criminals or summat?

Actually, from what I've seen of him, I'd say it's quite the opposite. He can't help liking them. All the more so, the more atrocious they are.

Ee, I don't like the sound of that.

There's really no cause for alarm. Like I said, as long as there's a criminal present, you're perfectly safe.

What happens if he shows up when it's just the two of us, though?

That's reassuring.

: I, I think I'll come in my plimsolls tomorrow.

Lucy takes learning that she spends her days at work cloistered with someone that can turn into a potentially violent criminal lover quite well though.


There's nothing particularly suspicious about this, I'd say.

And nowt much of note inside it, either. Except umpteen cans of beer.

Perhaps we can conclude they didn't have a particularly healthy diet?

Don't you find you always end up doodling on pads like this while you're ont' phone?

No, I can't say that I do.

The supporting pillars would make it pretty easy to climb up here, even though it's the first floor, eh?

Yes, and the low wall's rather disturbing as well.

Nice to see they were conscientious about separating their rubbish.

There's very little in either bin. Looks like they hardly used them.

If you're going to chuck stuff in't the bin, at least know how to aim!

Quite. You'd think a damp piece of card would make the perfect projectile.

There's clothes from the both of them in here. Nothing that sets any alarm bells ringing.

Apart from the astonishing lack of organisation.

This is a standard sort of sink. Nothing of interest here.

Aye, no point pouring our investigative efforts down the plughole, eh?

There's bits all over the place, look. Someone gave it a fair old thump from out there ont' balcony.

Doesn't the position of the fragments say something to you?

Aye. They're all on the inside. I already picked up on that, Prof.

Yes, that's right. But what about the position of the fragments relative to the body?

That should tell you something important about the sequence of events.

It seems the victim was watching television until just before he was killed.

Ee, that programme with Roscoe Strapping in, were it? I tuned in to that an' all.

I couldn't take my eyes off it, I mean. It were right edge -of-seat stuff, it were.

Really? Could that be connected to the case in some way then?

No. It's nowt to do with it. I were just rambling. Sorry.

Pooh! I'd better get my Marigolds right now, I think!

It doesn't seem as if Potsby or his wife were overly keen on cleaning.

Someone's done a good job of making this bed, eh? Look at those hospital corners.

The neatness of the bed seems a little at odds with the rest of the flat.

It doesn't appear to have been slept in or used in any way before or after the incident.

It looks cracking in here, this clock. Suits the room to a tee.

Yes, I'm very fond of such classic designs myself. I suppose it's my father's influence.

Oh? Were your dad a horologist or summat?

Eh-up, Prof!

He doesn't strike me as much of a cook. Must've been her that were boiling the pasta, eh?

That would mean she'd left it on the stove while she went to have a shower.

That's a fire hazard, that is. We should nick her for reckless cooking, if nowt else!

Well, Nicks were dressed in black, you can't deny that.

I wouldn't have described him as muscular, however. No, you're jumping to conclusions.

Oh, come on! What a cock-eyed way to wangle his way out of it, the daft old lag!

No, you're quite right. Seeing as he's a serial burglar, we can't trust what he says at all.

Nevertheless, burglars aren't in the habit of breaking into lit rooms.

Surely no thief would've been foolish enough to break in while Potsby was right there watching television.

Hmm, I suppose you're right.

His looks were his one redeeming feature? Not much of a recommendation, is it?

Better than having no redeeming features at all, perhaps?