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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 14: A Murder Staged - Part 2

Hmm, and how have you reached that conclusion?

Because Knox were the closest person to Blaise when she were shot!

But don't you see the problem?

How could she have put the gun in Clegg's hand?


No, let me tell you what I think.

I think Strapping is our man.


Okay then.

Well, from where I'm standing, I'd say...

...Strapping did it!

Excellent. I agree.

Ha! I knew it!

Yes, I'd say it's...

…92.9% certain that he is the culprit.

Well, we best call the man in and have him put paid to your doubts about the other 7.1% then!

Exactly what I was hoping to do.

But I'm not sure he'll come.

As a murder suspect, you'd think that Strapping wouldn't get a say in whether he wants to come in or not.

Let's take a moment to consider what we already know about Strapping.

I know something. Roscoe Strapping – stud of the stage! Engaged to be married, but engaged in you-know-what with another lass at the same time!

At least that's what they said ont' Jeremy Summer Show.

DC Baker, the best friend of tabloid newspapers and daytime talk programmes.

So our suspect is something of a cad.

The worst kind of man, and the enemy of all women!

But that's not what we should be focusing on here. There's something else that interests me.

Oh aye? What's that?

And Strapping is one of the best.

Could be a tough nut to crack then, eh, Prof?

Doorbell rings.

Eh-up, we've got company. Who are you?

Well, well. What a belle! An unexpected pleasure, I must say. Are you a fan, precious?

You wish!

I'm a research assistant here in the Mystery Room. DC Baker to you.

This is the Mystery Room? The very place I've been looking for!

You must be Roscoe Strapping.

Amazing deductive reasoning there, Alfendi.

The one and only.

My fame and talent precede me, I see. Good.

And you are?

I work here in the Mystery Room with Detective Constable Baker. Inspector Layton's the name.

Might I ask why you're here?

So I came to solve the mystery.


Well, that would be a great help.

Please, enlighten us.

So, without further ado, I present to you the truth! The identity of the black-hearted miscreant responsible for my late wife-to-be's demise! It was...da-da-daah...

Well, you're quite the detective, aren't you, Mr Strapping?

It is an elementary case of deduction, my dear.

Firstly, he was crushed by unrequited love.

And secondly, the prize simpleton was found holding the murder weapon!

Simply following these two lines of investigation leads you directly to the unequivocal truth.

Hm, I see you're fairly fixed on your line of enquiry.

Aren't you going set this upstart straight, Prof?

: On the contrary, I think Mr Strapping has some very compelling theories.


Let the investigation begin!


He stole the Prof's line!

Blaise's wound:

Investigating the wound means checking out the body, right?

Would you like a strong man to escort you?

I'll be just fine, thank you very much!

Hm, a single shot to the heart from between one and three metres away, resulting in instant death.

Exactly! From the barrel of the very revolver found in Clegg's guilty hand!

Please, try to remain calm. Let's continue with our investigation, shall we?

Of course. Do excuse me.

The bullet passed straight through the victim's body.

We should be able to find it somewhere on the scene.

This is it, Prof!

I'll figure it out in a jiffy!

Not so fast!

We already know that Gloria's life was taken by a bullet.

Strapping was certainly quick to object to the idea of plotting the bullets trajectory.

Ha ha ha! That was my position on stage.

What's your reasoning, Lucy?

That's within one to three meters distance from the body. Yes, it's indeed likely the shot originated here.

Pardon me?

When the shot was heard, it was pitch black on stage.

Bordering on, perhaps. Yet alack, my Gloria's life was taken with one such miserable slug.

And not with his magically disappearing and reappearing walking stick.

No, very true. Nothing will bring Ms Blaise back to life, but--

The final curtain has already fallen! There is nothing more to say!