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Part 15: A Murder Staged - Part 3

Clegg's gun:

Hadn't we better look for the gun that Clegg used, eh?

An excellent idea. And while you do that, I'll set about finding the way to your heart.

Trying to flirt while investigating your fiancée’s murder is rather poor form, to say the least.

Eh? You what?


Give over! I'm nowt special!

The barrel of this very gun carried the bullet that pierced my beloved's heart and stole her from me!

When you examine the evidence, that is exactly what you shall find.

Here he is. Here's Clegg!

Excellent work, angel-face! What fantastic eyes you have!

If Strapping keeps this up, Lucy would probably be able to get him on a charge of harassment, whether he's the murderer or not.


Still at least now we have conclusive proof that Clegg was in possession of...the murder weapon!

Let's not forget one rather crucial thing.

Let's assume for a moment that Clegg is guilty, and that he knocked himself out to avoid suspicion.

Do you see why, Lucy?

Well, if I were trying to make it look like I hadn't done it, I'd have chucked that gun away for starters.


Whatever plot you came up with to divert suspicion from you, it would not involve holding the gun.

Tut-tut. You make such assumptions without knowing the man.

I tell you, he is a fool! A complete imbecile.

I see. Well, there's nothing more we can say on the matter then.

Unfortunately not. The man is witless, and that's all there is to it.

Well, I think that settles it. Clegg is the killer. There can be no doubt.

What planet have you been on all this time, eh?

Let's recap.

The victim, Gloria Blaise, was killed by a single bullet.

And the person found holding the gun was none other than Clegg!

However, Clegg was hit by someone and knocked unconscious.

And if he'd been trying to make it look like he hadn't done it, he'd never have kept hold of the gun.

But he's a complete clot. He hasn't the brains to work that out.

The other thing we know for certain is where Ms Blaise was shot from.

Yes, by a cruel twist of fate, my beloved seems to have been shot from the very spot where I stood.

The problem is in the timing. To shoot somebody from anything other than point blank range in total darkness is bordering on the impossible.

Then it was a fluke. This is completely irrelevant.


Never mind all that! I've just remembered something of vital importance!

Oh? What's that then, out of the blue?


With that additional evidence, you will have no choice but to acknowledge Clegg must be the killer.

It seems we have some more investigating to do.

Indeed you do! Find the death threat!

Now picture the scene...

Clegg falls in love with the beautiful Gloria, but his passion is resolutely rejected.

Consumed by self-pity and rage, he sends a death threat to the poor, defenceless flower.

So where's this death threat now then, eh?

Somewhere at the scene of the crime, naturally.

No one ever seems bothered that the investigation of the crime scene is done via a computer simulation, bearing in mind that the crime reconstruction machine is unique.

One of the detectives who came to the theatre told me of it. I'm quite sure it's there.

But you haven't actually seen it with your own eyes, though?

Ha ha ha! I don't need to see it to know what artless piffle Clegg no doubt came up with!

Now go and find it! Find the note that contains the incriminating death threat!

Excellent work, Lucy.

That's for the Prof to decide, Mr Strapping, not you.

'You'll pay for betraying me'. I see.

Isn't it a bit funny that it says that? 'Betraying,' I mean.

It makes it sound like Clegg and Blaise had had a fling or summat.

Utter tosh! Gloria only had eyes for me!

Th-That's one possible explanation, yes.

So who were it that Ms Blaise had done the dirty on then, eh?

Of course! It's so obvious. The killer must have been a member of the audience.

Gloria had countless fanatical followers. Picture the scene...A fan consumed with jealously over Gloria's engagement to me.

O my poor beloved! How you shook like a little lamb whene'er you opened one of their tasteless letters.

Be 'eck, Prof! If we have to pull in everyone from the audience for questioning, we'll be here all year!

Phone rings.

Eh-up that's the phone.

Excuse me a moment.

Lucy leaves.

I beg your pardon?

You must be, surely!

A true stallion would be sure to get a little frisky, cooped up here with such a fine young filly.

Not only is Strapping trying to flirt with Lucy, not long after his fiancée was murdered, he's trying it on in front who he believes to be Lucy's boyfriend.

I'm torn between wanting to roll my eyes at how serious Stapping is here, and amusement at "Frigid Fendi".


You're a red-blooded male, aren't you?

Alfendi moves towards Strapping at this point; it's to make space for Lucy who's about to reappear, but when I first played this, I thought Alfendi was about to fly into Extremendi/Evil Al/Alfiend mode again and start screaming at Strapping. I was disappointed.

That were your manager on the phone. There's a famous chap at your office who wants words with you at your office.

Good gracious, is that the time? It must be that bore of a two-billion pound film I'm supposed to be acting in.

T-two bill...

Naturally, they wanted me as the headliner. What was it now? A pirate film, I think.

Well, it sounds very important. You won't want to keep them waiting, I imagine?

Hm, well, seeing as we've proved who the murderer is, I shall take this opportunity to make my exit.

Alright. Ta-tah, then. We'll be seeing you.

It's DC Baker to you.


Strapping leaves.