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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 17: A Murder Staged - Part 5

I'm telling you, this is strictly business!

Mr Strapping, if I may...?

The killer, Mr Strapping...

What a disappointment. You really are an artless pair.

I have already laid it out for you on a platter. The killer was hiding in the audience. He or she made their way onto the stage in the darkness and pulled the trigger.

Sorry, but that doesn't stack up.

It'd be almost impossible to have killed her with a single shot. And here's why...

When the gunshot was heard, the stage were in total darkness.

Ah, yes. I remember you suggesting that idea before.

On the contrary.

I'm quite sure I don't follow. An explanation, sir, if you please!

Ms Blaise weren't killed during the blackout at all, were she? No, her life ended a few moments earlier...

What a fantastical idea!

Then, pray tell, how do you explain the blood-curdling scream that pierced the darkness?

Wh-what rot! You're clutching at straws now. Everyone actually there said it was Gloria who screamed.

That's just because when the lights came back up, they saw Ms Blaise lying dead ont' stage.

And just before the lights went out, you bumped into Ms Knox. It's in Mr Clegg's statement.

We're not deluded at all. You know it's the truth. Stop trying to deny it!

I have absolutely no recollection of anything you're saying.

Your so-called evidence is all circumstantial. Do you actually have any conclusive proof at all?

How about this for starters?

Isn't that the squib remote?


Which should have been carried by Ms Blaise for her to push the button in time with you firing the blank.

But, Mr Strapping, the button were never pressed.

No...That can't...

There's only one explanation for it that makes any sense.

I think you know what that is, don't you, Mr Strapping?

Clearly Gloria just forgot to take the remote control with her that time...

There's no way out of this, Mr Strapping. You can't explain it away.