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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 18: A Murder Staged - Part 6

You what?

You overwhelmed me before with your barrage of illogical claptrap. But now I've recovered my poise.

I'm not guilty! I was framed!

Clegg was behind the whole thing!

I don't much care for your constant ducking and diving, Mr Strapping.

I had no idea. When I pulled the trigger, I thought it was the replica gun.

But oh, what a cruel error!

I only realised my mistake after the fatal deed was done.

I've had just about enough of your lies! You can't trick us any more!

Better late than never, I suppose.

Oh, but my dear Lucy, he's telling the truth now.

Someone very carefully arranged for a real gun that looked exactly like the replica to be there at the scene.

Yes, that part of all this was very much a premediated crime.

But everything that followed...That wasn't driven by lust. Nor by heartache. Nor by insanity, even.

Come on, Prof, you're not saying there were someone else involved that switched the guns over?

Oh, yes. There was someone else involved. The mastermind behind this whole charade.

Y-you're getting rather carried away in your soliloquy.

But despite your rather crazed demeanour, I believe you've got to the truth, Inspector!

Indeed, the root of all this evil is Clegg! He's the one that switched the guns!

Bit of a funny way to show it, isn't it?

Why then, you ask, did he feel the need to kill Gloria in front of a theatre full of onlookers?

Listen to you two, yapping like dogs.

There's, there's really no need for violence, Inspector.

Aye, keep your hair on, Prof!

Well, it did stop them arguing.

So, Strapping...

Y-yes? What is it, sir?

You pulled the trigger of what you thought was a replica gun and shot a bullet right through Blaise's heart. Then, to avert suspicion, you cut the lights and had Knox scream as you fired off a blank.

Isn't that how it happened?

To the letter! Bravo, Inspector. A brilliant deduction!

What are you talking about? I did it for justice!

Clegg switched the guns? Don't make me laugh. Remember Blaise's dead body.

That mouse of a man doesn't have the flair for such an inspired death!

I'm starting to feel quite sorry for Clegg, he's been getting verbally attacked all throughout this case.

Inspired death? Eh?

The final scene...

: The audience on the edges of their seats, then POW! Shot through the heart!

Blood spilling everywhere! The stage awash with crimson glory!

Working as a police inspector, true calling as a poet.

Magnificent, wouldn't you agree?

Is this fellow quite alright? What are you talking about?

There's nowt magnificent about murder, Prof!

You don't see?

No, I do not!

Ha ha, at least you're plucky.

Think, Lucy, who is the mastermind behind this crime? And what is the evidence that proves it?