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Part 19: A Murder Staged - Part 7

It were Gloria Blaise! She were the mastermind behind the whole thing!

You've really lost the plot now, precious. Gloria's the victim of this terrible crime, not the perpetrator.

Thank goodness! You're back, Prof!

Sorry if I alarmed you.

Yes, the remote control we found discarded in the rubbish bin.

I believe Ms Blaise threw it away on purpose.

What a ludicrous suggestion! Why on earth would she do such a thing?

Because Ms Blaise planned all of this right from the start. She was responsible for switching the guns. She knew she was going to be shot dead that day.


I, I don't understand...

Yes, what was going through Ms Blaise's mind to make her take such extreme measures?

What message?

The message that Ms Blaise wrote to you and left for you to find.

Lucy, would you care to explain?

That's what Ms Blaise wrote. And she meant the message for you.

Not...the affair? But..she wouldn't have killed this...because of a silly affair?

Yes, what happened to selling the story to gossip magazines?

You'd have to be out of your mind...

I think it's fair to say Ms Blaise was not of sound mind.

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I kind of feel that Alfendi went too far there. Strapping is obviously not overburdened by morals, but it really seemed like he genuinely felt regret when he realised why Blaise set up her suicide.

Sorry for the short update, this is the end of the Confrontation phase. There'll be another update on Thursday to make up for it.