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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 22: The Walking Corpse - Part 2

Are you being serious, Lucy?

Oh, you don't think it's on the cards, then?

It's made of stone.

Alright, if it weren't the statue, who could've done it?

Oh? And what makes you think that?

Well, of all the suspects, she's the least murderous looking. And that's why I reckon she's dead guilty!

True, you can't assume people are innocent because they don't look guilty, but, well...

I know. Couldn't resist it!

Oh? And what makes you think that?

Well, it were Sasucasa that told them to use the hut - where the murder happened - int' first place.

There must be some trick to the place that only he knows.

Hmm, that's a shrewd idea.

Heh heh heh.

But no such trick was found by the investigating officers on the scene.

And I find it interesting that apart from the stone idol, none of the crates' contents were stolen.

Oh, aye. Sasucasa were having some money trouble actually, weren't he?

He was. Which, among other things makes me doubt that he's our man.

Well, as far as I can make out, the killer must have been...

...that Careta lad!

Very good, Lucy. We're in complete agreement.

I knew I were on to the right fellow!

Yes, let's see, I'm....

...95.1% sure.

I'd very much like to interview Mr Careta in person. I wonder where we can find him.

It might take us a while to track him down, what with him living int' middle of the jungle, eh?

I'll just bob out and see what I can do, alright?

Lucy leaves and returns.

Eh, Prof, we're dead lucky. Careta's right here in town! It just so happens he's over here doing a spot of sightseeing.

Uncannily convenient, but still...Let's not waste the chance to call him in, then.

Already done. He's on his way right now.

Good. Then let's quickly go over what we know about the man before he arrives.

Well, he's an expert on the ancient site, and speaks some English, so he were a good choice as the guide.

Yes, it seems English speakers are in short supply in the village where he comes from.

Eh, did you know this, Prof? Looks like Careta and that Etista lass are engaged to be married. Ee, they make a champion couple they do.

Yes, they seem like a good match.

If you can just look past the possibility that one of them planted an axe in a man's head.

Shame he's our prime suspect, eh?

And here he is, look.

Right, let's get to the truth.

Hola! You call me Chico.

I'm Alfendi Layton. I'm an analytical investigator. Feel free to call me Al if that's easier for you.

And I'm Lucy. I'm the Prof's assistant.

Is nice to meet you, Al and Lucy.

So, I hear you've come over to do some sightseeing?

Mariana, she tell it to me that I come here. Is very nice.

Well, we're very sorry to call you in like this and mess up your holiday.

Eh-up, what's with the mask?

Is my happy face!

Chico Careta basically means "Little Mask" in Spanish. Thanks to Geokinesis for pointing this out.

Crikey, it makes him sound difference an' all with that thing on.

Hey, amigos, you wanna gift? I buy these cookies just before. Is for you.

Oh, thanks very much! Very kind of you.

Eh-up, isn't this for mashin'? It's tea, not bickies.

Not another mask! How many of them things have you got?

Am I correct in thinking, Mr Careta, that while your spoken English is excellent, you can't read or write it?

Aye, it's wonderful. There's nowt to get excited about.

So, let's get down to business, shall we?

We're investigating the murder of Dr Archie O'Logie, as I'm sure you're aware. We would very much appreciate your assistance in the matter, Mr Careta. Would you be willing to help?

Si, si! I help you muchos!

That's the real mystery here.

And there's the hut door to consider of course. Somehow the victim was killed in a room locked from within.

K-keep your scary ideas to yourself, please, Mr Careta!

A fascinating theory...

Oh, come on, Prof!

Right, well then. Let's start our investigation of the scene.

So, where do you want to start?

Murder weapon.

I've explained all this already but just in case I wasn't clear...I want you to find the murder weapon.

Si. Of course you find the killing weapon first of all things. Si, si.

I, I know that!

Well, it's this axe here. That's your murder weapon.

Indeed. After all, it's still lodged in the man's skull.

Alright, alright. Pardon me for stating the obvious!

You know, I see this axe before somewhere. Si, somewhere near the hut.

Perhaps the killer picked up the axe from nearby.

See if you can figure out where it might have come from, Lucy.

What's an axe used for, eh? Splitting wood, of course!

Yes, an axe wouldn't have been out of place here.

Si, si. Is here where the axe was before.

I am many times cutting the wood while Mariana, she's talking with me.

Si, is like that!

So would anybody have had access to this axe then?

Doesn't tell us a fat lot then, does it, eh?

No, perhaps not. Okay, let's turn our attention to something else then.