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Part 24: The Walking Corpse - Part 4

The perpetrator of this crime, who killed Archie O'Logie and stole the stone idol...could not have been a demon.

Ja ja ja ja! Is no possible! The killer can no be human.

Is making no sense. Is impossible.

The lad's getting more and more worked up, Prof. He's cracking.

He's certainly determined to make us believe it was the work of a demon.

Is not what I want you to believe. Is what you must believe, because is the truth.

The stone figure with the diablo inside, it breaks out from this wooden box... kills Señor Archie, and it escapes through the window.

Aye, that is what Ms Etista said in her statement as it happens.

I think you'll find that cry was the killer impersonating Dr O'Logie.

A simple examination of the intercom by the door will make that immediately clear. Lucy, would you?

Yes. And if Dr O'Logie had indeed screamed for help on this intercom, something would have been very amiss.

Do you know what that is?

It's 'cause the fingerprints have been wiped off, isn't it, eh?

O'Logie would hardly have wiped off his own prints if he were int' middle of being attacked by a demon!

I, I say nothing.

Whoever it was knew he wouldn't be found out on account of the poor sound quality.

And that's not all. There's evidence on the scene that contradicts the possibility that the demon broke out of the crate itself.

Do you know what that evidence is?

If the stone idol broke itself out of the crate it were in...

Er...Is...Is because...

I don't think so. I think the killer didn't know what was inside each crate.

Maybe...Maybe the diablo, it is making a person do these things for it!

You just won't let this diablo thing go, will you?

Demons like that of which you speak do not exist. What do exist, are humans with demons in their hearts.

Alfendi seems almost as caught up with the “humans with demons in their hearts” thing as Careta does with the diablo.

Who has the demonic heart in this case, Lucy? Why don't you enlighten us?

O'Logie's killer were...

Muchacha! Is hurt me very much you say this! If is true, and someone is taking the stone figure...

...why you think is me?

Certainly we do.

Along with one other piece of evidence, the three open crates heavily implicate you in this crime.

With that additional evidence, the truth is blindingly obvious.

Eh? Is it?

Let me give you a hint. It has to do with the 'biscuits' that you brought us as a gift, Mr Careta.

Which crate contained the stone idol were written plain as day ont' open page of this notebook. But despite that, the killer opened three of them before he got to that crate over there with the idol in.

In other words, the killer can't read!

We found your fingerprints all over the notebook. So we know without question that you saw what was written in it.

Music stops.


Si. Si! Is true.

Eh? You're fessing up? Just like that?

You, Señor Layton, and you muchacha, you are very clever.

You admit to the crime?