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Part 25: The Walking Corpse - Part 5

Because Señor Archie, he say he take the stone figure away. Even I give him the special liquor from my people, he no listen to what I say.

Is then, when I no know what to do, I hear the voice.

A voice?

Here we go again!

According to Google Translate, Bobo means Fool in Spanish.

So I do what the voice tell me.

I leave the door of the hut locked, and I pass through the walls to no be there no more.

Is the power of the diablo in me.

Give over! You can't pass through walls. That just doesn't happen.

Si. And the way the dead Señor, he moved....Is the diablo as well.

No, is no possible to explain these things if you no believe in this diablo.

Aye, it is. You could've taken the door off it's hinges, and--

Phone Rings.

Is the telephone for you.

Ee, I bet it'll be forensics!

Lucy leaves and returns.

That were forensics, Prof, with their report. They've been over that hut door with a fine toothcomb, they said. But there's no way the hinges could've been tampered with, apparently. They had adhesive on.

I see...

Apparently, the owner saw a screw were missing a few days earlier, so he drowned the hinges in glue. Mr Sasucasa's given a statement to that effect now.

Since this is an entirely new statement, rather than an update, it's just quietly added to the existing statements, instead of the usual update screen.


Alfendi clearly noticed earlier that the screw was dirtier than it should have been if it had been removed at around the time of the murder, so I have no idea why he decided to go ahead and accuse Careta without first getting the report back from forensics.

So... does that mean it can't have been Mr Careta that done it then?

Si? So, is okay if I leave now? I still no see the Buckingham Palace.

And I have to buy some gifts for Mariana and everyone in my village.

Careta leaves.

You're happy just to let him go like that, are you, Prof?

Don't worry. We'll have a man on him. In any case, we can't detain him until we've solved the mystery.

Apparently in this world, outright admitting to murder isn't enough to hold someone in police custody.

On a side note, in the UK, police can hold suspects for 24 hours in custody, at which time the suspect must be either charged with a crime or released. In the event that the suspect is being held under suspicion of a serious crime, such as murder, the police can apply to hold the suspect for a maximum of 96 hours in custody before charging or releasing the suspect. The one exception is suspicion of terrorism, then it's a maximum of 14 days.

It's dead frustrating being sure Careta's our man but still not knowing how he did it.

We'll get to the truth. I always get to the truth.

Aye, and we can't pin it on him while he's going on about this demon doing it, eh? No, we've got to get the bottom of this one.

Yes, there are two remaining points that we can't explain.

How Careta managed to disappear from a locked room...