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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 27: The Walking Corpse - Part 7

So, how was your excursion to Buckingham Palace?

Is no the season to see inside, they say.

Is big problem for me. Mariana, she is looking forward to my pictures.

I no want to make her sad. Is why I climb over the fence.

But the policia, he no like this. He brings me back to you!

By 'eck Prof, you were right to stick a tail on him!

It would seem so, yes.

You no need me? If is okay, I like to see more of your beautiful city.

We do need you for summat, Mr Careta, aye. You see, we've figured out how you did it.

But I tell you already.

If is no true, how can it be, Señor Layton?

Allow us to take you through the events of that night one step at a time.

It was your fake cry for help over the intercom that brought Mr Sasucasa and Ms Etista to the hut.

When they got there, they found the door were locked. There can be no question about that.

Absolutely. And the one and only uncopiable key was in the victim's pocket.

So Mr Sasucasa was left with no choice but to break down the door to gain entry to the hut.

Si, is like this. Because already I am passing through the walls and leaving this place.

Lucy, would you care to tell Mr Careta exactly where in the hut the culprit was?

Ey, muchacha! You no listen when the Señor, he say what he saw inside the hut, uh?

That's not quite right. Mr Sasucasa said that he did not see the killer in the room. But though he failed to see the killer, the killer was in fact there inside.

Aye. An obstruction in the form of...

It were a whopping great sign!

Mr Sasucasa's statement says he was sure no one else was in the hut because there's nowhere to hide.

But it's precisely this preconception that meant he wasn't even looking for you.

What you say, is just a guess, Señor.

I beg to differ. You were definitely hiding in the hut when Mr Sasucasa and Ms Etista came in.

We have a piece of evidence and statement that prove it. Lucy. Would you do the honours?

Aye, it's the liquor that spilt ont' floor that proves it.

The only way it could've made a straight line like that is if the sign were stood int' way when it split.

And Ms Etista's statement confirms that the liquor was knocked over when the body lunged forward.

And this means the body, we know it moves, si? Or the liquor is not gonna spill.

If that's your rebuttal, allow us to dispel the myth of the walking body now.

Lucy, tell Mr Careta what the killer used to give the illusion of the body coming back to life.

The killer tied some fishing line to O'Logie's dead body.

No. You see these fishing lines if they tied to the dead Señor.

Not necessarily.

Mr Sasucasa said in his statement that it were dark inside the hut.

Thin, translucent fishing line in a dark room. And a body with an axe lodged in it's skull.

Oh, aye, we have evidence alright.

There's nicks made by the fishing line int' rafters of the hut!

And by considering the position of the notches, we can infer where the killer was standing to put the line.

: So you see, we know the killer's location was...

Following the line from the body, over the beams where the nicks are, you get to the corner of the hut.

Si. Si...

I just do like is telling me to do...

Like you were told?

Si. I hear it, the voice of the diablo. Is telling me, if I do everything like she tell me, is all gonna be okay.

Oh, I've had just about enough of this diablo mumbo-jumbo!

Ee! Prof!

Oh, I believe you, Careta.

At least Alfendi was kind enough to give Lucy a slight advance warning this time.

Demons are real. And all around us.

You've picked a fine time to turn up and start prattling!

You don't know, Lucy? Carefully led, the man can be a crazed killer.

Si. We must listen to the diablo. If no, is gonna make curse on our village.


Demons are illusions, living in the minds of the weak. Illusions have no powers to curse.

First you say demons exist, then you say they're illusions. Which is it, Prof? Make up your mind!

Never mind, Lucy. You've obviously failed to understand.

There's just one point we need to make clear.

This 'diablo's voice' whispering in your ear, Careta. That was most certainly no demon. It was a human. A human that could see there was a demon inside you already.