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by HydroSphere

Part 28: The Walking Corpse - Part 8

It were Ms Etista, weren't it? That's who the demon really was.

Aye, she knew you better than anyone, didn't she, Mr Careta? She were behind the whole thing!

Oh, but it was. It was Etista on the other end of the intercom listening to you faking O'Logie's cries for help.

Si, is true. I call to the hotel to them come for Señor O'Logie. Is Mariana who is picking up at the other end. But I no know this. Is only by chance.

You say the sound quality on the intercom was poor.

Si, is normal I know my novia! We gonna be marrying together.

Oh, I know. So you'd think she could tell the difference between her fiancé and a quinquagenarian.

Careta's got quite an impressive English vocabulary.

Si, is different. But I am making an imitation of the Señor.

Tell me, Careta, why are you here? Why England? Why now? because...

Mariana, she...

Oh yes, of course. Mariana. She suggested you come, didn't she?

Is by chance! Is only by chance!

You've seen my little crime scene reconstruction toy, haven't you? Collecting the data for it is a pain. It takes a great deal of time at the original scene of the crime. There would have been a lot of activity.

Steady on, Prof. He's getting a bit--.

What? Something wrong?

Somehow your voice isn't quite in line with the bravado of your masks any more.

That's enough, Prof!

You know it's true! You even blurted it out yourself when we unravelled all of your little tricks!

No. No no. Please, no.

You know the truth. You've known for some time.

She used you! Like a pawn in her devilish games!

Curses! I was just about to...

Ensure that Careta is completely reduced to a whimpering wreck and his heart irrecoverably broken?

Argh. That was just getting interesting.