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Part 30: The DJ's Swansong - Part 1

Thanks everyone!

I apologise in advance for the speaking sound effects in this track.

Wow, thanks, Dolly!

You're not a fan of radio, Lucy?

Oh, I've got nowt against a catchy tune and some good banter, but this rubbish? No, not for me.

There's summat about the way that presenter talks. I don't know what it is. He's just...smarmy.

I tell you, whenever he has a lass on the show as a guest, he talks totally differently.

It sounds rather like you're a regular listener.

That sounds like a fax coming in already.

So, our first request this morning is from er...Ms Angel O'Death?

'I'll be the Death of You'...?

Whoa. Sounds like someone wants to turn DJ Dwight Dread into DJ Dwight Dead!

Don't you do dyin' on me, Dwight. I'll never live it down!

Well, If I am about to sign off for the last time ever, allow me to try one of your mouth-watering offerings first.

Hee hee!

Munching sounds.

Mmm, that hit the spot.


Oi, what's goin' on?

Alfendi's pose looks like it would make your neck ache if you held it that long.

Music Stops.

Farrods at Daysbridge is a pun on the high-end department store, Harrods. It's located in the Knightsbridge area of London, one of the most expensive areas in London.

What's happening, Prof?

Well, if it's some sort of practical joke, it's certainly very convincing.

The hairstyles of Scotland Yard staff seem to be getting increasingly unusual.

Ee, what's up, Sniffer?

Didn't you have your lugs to the wireless just now? That's where the action is.

Are you talking about the radio presenter who sounded like he collapsed just now?

What else? I'd say the stiff's cold already.

So, it weren't just part of the show, then?

Whatever you say, Sniffer.

Phone rings, Lucy leaves to answer it.

Hey, I'm telling you, they'll be on the blower asking you to do the snoop any second now.

You may well be right.

If it turns out I'm on the mark, you guys'll wrap it up with bows on for us, right?

Sniffer works under Justin Lawson, and is a Detective in his own right. Not sure why he's passing the potential new case onto the back office that deal with the cases that no one else can solve.

We'll do our best. Barring the whole incident being a practical joke, of course.

Lucy returns.

You won't believe this! We've been flooded with calls from anxious listeners of that show...Maybe there's summat in it after all.

Time for action, Snoopers!

Excellent. You slug on over there, Sniffer.

I'll get my report back to the clubhouse ASAP. Then it'll be up to you two to bring in the hoods.

Sniffer leaves.

I can't believe it were really a murder, can you, Prof?

We don't know anything for sure yet, Lucy, but the signs are compelling. Sniffer's rarely wrong.

Even though Sniffer has left, for the rest of this scene, Alfendi and Lucy are both on the same side of the screen.

Aye, he's a revelation alright, that one!

Indeed. Though he has a tendency to get ahead of himself.

Sniffer's sent his report over.

The radio presenter is indeed dead.

By 'eck! So it were all for real, then.

I'm surprised it took them so long to confirm it.

The broadcast was at rush hour, unfortunately.

The police had some difficulties getting to the scene.

Investigations are ongoing, but I'll tell you what we know thus far.

I'm all ears, Prof, as ever!

The incident took place inside the recording studio of a national radio station.

But she didn't linger, eh? She left after she'd dropped off the drinks.

So now we're talking about when they actually went on air, then.

Aye. I'm more than a bit curious about what was in that gift.

But before Dread had a chance to sample the offering, something came in on the studio fax machine. It was a handwritten note that read:

Brr! Sends shivers down your spine, doesn't it?

Believing the fax to be some sort of joke, Dread continued with the show.

Aye, well you would, wouldn't you?

However, no sooner had Dread put one of his guest's treats into his mouth...

Understandably worried, the director called for a transmission break.

About twenty minutes later, police and an ambulance crew arrived at the scene almost simultaneously.

Twenty minutes? That's on account of the rush hour traffic you mentioned, eh?

Yes. The radio station is very central. In rush hour that's about how long you'd expect it to take.

That's too long, that is. Poor bloke.

And that, really, is all we know about the course of events at this point in time.

So, let's think about our suspects.

Aye, who've we got?

There are five of them.

It was her gift that Dread put into his mouth just moments before he began to struggle to breath.

Aye, that's more than a little fishy if you ask me. My money's on that lass.

Apparently she was an old friend of the deceased.

Oh, aye? Just a coincidence, do you think?

There's nothing obviously suspicious about his involvement, though his relationship with Dread was stormy.

Which would give him a good motive, eh?

He was the one who went to call the ambulance, which does put him under a certain amount of suspicion.

Aye. It is really hard to believe the emergency services could've taken that long to get there.

She appears to be missing. No one has seen or heard of her since she delivered the drinks to the studio.

You what, Prof? That's it then, surely? She's the killer, and she's done a runner.

Certainly not an unlikely hypothesis. However, we don't know enough about her yet. We need to see what our enquiries turn up on her first.

Hmm...I don't know. It's too fishy for my liking.

So, those are the suspects.

We certainly don't have much to go on at this stage.

But what's your hunch? Who do you think did it?

I see, you're going to make me have a stab at it even though you admit we don't have enough info yet.

Of course. Aren't I always telling you how important it is to pay attention to your intuition?

So, let's hear it. Then we'll down to the real detective work.

I'm a little in two minds about this naming a prime suspect before doing any mandatory investigation. I do see where Alfendi is coming from on the importance of listening to your intuition, but Lucy can get carried away and jump to conclusions, and I don't think this is doing anything to teach her not to be so rash.

No, I think we'll make an exception this time and deny you a hint.

How uncharitable.

We don't even really have any more information to base a hint on!

Okay, let's examine the scene of the crime then.

I'll give you five minutes. Will that do?

Aye, no probs.

The crime scene:

The chair:

The cup of tea.

The papers on the desk:

The fax machine:

The split tea:

The body:

The studio door:

The recording equipment:

The sofa:


Dolly Hollerday

Statement 1:

We were right in the middle of the show, and the DJ just suddenly looked like he couldn't breathe or something. I didn't do anything, know what I mean?

Melody Smith

Statement 1:

Dolly didn't do anything! I was watching her the whole time. I bet this is a plot by someone who's trying to slow my girl down. They're all jealous!

Mike de Bonair

Statement 1:

I ran straight over to Dwight to see if he was alright. But I couldn't find a pulse. So I told Randal to go and fetch help.

Randal Mann

Statement 1:

It was the lady who brought the drinks in. I don't know her myself, but I must say, I did hear she and Dwight were an item. Not that I ever saw them, you know...

Statement 2:

After Dwight collapsed, Mike barked at me to go and call the emergency services. I was all of a flutter. I didn't go back to the studio until the police arrived.