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Part 32: The DJ's Swansong - Part 3

Find the poison.

Can you figure out where?

Leave it to me, Prof!

There's traces of the poison int' tea here!

As no other traces of poison were found on the scene, we can assume Dread was killed by poisoned tea.

That's not wot happened at all.

Macaroons, you say?

Lucy, what do we know about these macaroons?

Are you quite sure?

Personally, I think honesty is one of the most important vertrues. So I wouldn't lie, know wot I mean?

That would put you firmly at the top of the list of suspects, Ms Hollerday.

Eh? Wot? I'm not goin' behind bars, am I?

But I don't really like prison, know wot I mean?

You don't 'like' it, you say?

Oh, hang on a minute! 'Course, it must've been Melody who did it!

Eh, how's Ms Smith suddenly involved in all of this?

Well, no disrespect or nuffin' but it was my manager who actually partchased the macaroons for me.

Oh aye?

Yeah, to be honest, I don't know nuffin' about the poison so, at the end of the day, it must've been her.

You wanna arrest her quick, ya know. She's well scary.

Always tellin' me wot to do and wot not to do, she is. I hate the miserable old witch.

Just a moment. There's something we need to clear up here.

Presumably, at the point when you gave Mr Dread the macaroons, they were unopened?

Course they were! They were a gift, weren't they?

So the poison would need to have been added after the wrapping was removed, sometime during the show.

In full view of the victim, in other words.

Well, obviously, that isn't wot happened. That would've been totally impossible.

So then we're back to thinking he were poisoned by his cuppa then, aren't we?

But the tea lady that brought it to him has vanished into thin air.

At this stage, the one thing we can be sure of is that the tea holds the key to this entire case.

We should make sure we investigate the teacup as well as the tea it contained.

Right away, Prof!

This teacup's had it then.

Presumably it fell on the floor when the victim collapsed.

That's a pukka Royal Droulton teacup, that is. Top quality.

Open Office spell check also accepts pukka as a correctly spelt word. Pukka is a slang to say that something is genuine, or good.

They cost a bomb. What a waste.

We got some fingerprints off it too, Prof. But that's about it.

Hm...There's something strange about this teacup, Lucy.

Really? What?

Let's see if you can figure it out.

Oh, it's the prints! There's no fingerprints from the tea lady that brought the drinks!

Precisely. I'm glad you noticed, Lucy.

Almost certainly, somebody wiped the fingerprints from the cup after it was brought into the studio.

No disrespect to you, but...does anyone give a monkey's? I mean, at the end of the day, you can't know who wiped them off, right?

Ms Hollerday is quite right. There's little point continuing on this line of investigation at the moment.

Right then, I'll poke my nose in somewhere else then.

Deadly request:

While on air, the victim received a request for a song entitled, 'I'll be the Death of You'.

To be honest wiv you, I nearly had a heart attack when he keeled over.

Seems highly likely it were the killer that sent the request through, eh?

Let's examine the fax sheet the request was written on and see what we can deduce.

Here's the request sheet, Prof.

I'm afraid it doesn't look very promising. Nothing of note.

Well, it allows us to confirm that it really was sent during the broadcast, at least.

Oh, there's no doubt about that. I saw it come in, didn't I?

So...the killer were on t'other end of the line then?

Quite possibly. Let's examine the fax machine and see what we can deduce.

This is it, Prof. The request sheet were sent in through this fax machine here.

Looks like a regular machine to me. No signs of jiggery-pokery.

The sender's details are still present by the look of it. Have Sniffer find out where it was sent from.

Will do, Prof.

Let's go over what we already know.

First of all, where was the poison that killed the victim found?

The poison were in the tea.

How many times have I gotta tell ya? The bloke never touched his tea!

It can't have been the tea that killed him.

I've got to say, Prof, I don't think she's lying about this.

No, me neither. It's a very curious discrepancy.

And not the only one, either. There's another in Ms Hollerday's statement, if you remember?

And what's the evidence that contradicts that statement?

The victim's wig weren't on his head, but...

...according to Ms Hollerday, he still had the wig on when she last saw him, which were after he died.

Yep, I'm a hundred and ten per sense about that.

There's no way I could have missed it if he didn't have his hair on, know wot I mean?

I don't believe Ms Hollerday is lying.

No, nor do I.

But who'd be that nasty that they'd do summat like that to someone who'd--

Phone rings.

Eh-up, that's the telephone! It'll be Sniffer, I'll bet.

I'll take it, Lucy. I've got a number of questions for him.

Alfendi leaves.


So, er, how old are you, then?

I'm twenty-two.

You're jokin'! I'm twenty-two! Talk about one in a million!

Aye. Amazing. And that's important because...?

Lucy could be a little less stand offish, Dolly is just trying to make friendly conversation.

Oh. Sorry.

Poor Alfendi, called "cuckoo" even without Alfiendi making an appearance.

I, I can't deny the coat's a bit, well...

Isn't it just a normal lab coat?

Alfendi is seven years older than Lucy and Dolly.

Alfendi returns.

Sounds like you two are having fun.

Fun is not the word, Prof!

Well anyway, some new information has come to light.

The song request fax was sent from inside the studio itself.

No! How's that possible?

One of our chaps was sent to check it out straight away...