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Part 33: The DJ's Swansong - Part 4

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Wot's this, wot's this? Somefin' happened, has it?

We're talking about the same tea lady that were missing? The one who brought the tea?


So we've got two unsolved murders on our hands now then!

Sometimes, I feel like the expressions on Alfendi and Lucy's faces really don't match with what's happening at the time.

Actually, no.


According to the officer on the scene, there's evidence that the tea lady was indeed Dread's killer.

What kind of evidence? Come on, Prof, spill the beans!

Firstly, they found the song request fax sheet that was sent to Mr Dread next to her body. Handwriting analysis has already confirmed it was the tea lady who wrote it.


And on top of that, they found the poison with her, too. The same poison used to kill Mr Dread.

So, wot are you sayin' then, exactly?

As I explained, the tea lady was the one who brought the tea that the victim drank.

But if she were the killer, how come she's wound up dead now?

It turns out the tea lady was a huge fan of DJ 'Dee Dee'.

The theory is they must have had some kind of argument that sparked all this off.

What, she killed him 'cause she liked him that much?

Yeah, I bet that's it. It's a proper case of hero-worship, eh?


Well, anyway, the case is closed.

Oh, so...I can go home now, can I? T'riffic!

Yes, you're free to go. Thank you for your cooperation.

Alright then, well, see ya, darlin'.

No...there's summat niggling me.

See ya!

Dolly leaves.

Prof, there's definitely summat not right here.

I mean there's a gaping hole between the evidence at the scene and Ms Hollerday's statement.

Well, nevertheless, the case is now closed.


Actually, there's something I was hoping to get done, so, er...

We'll pick this up again tomorrow, shall we?

...Alright then, Prof.