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Part 36: The DJ's Swansong - Part 7

New Statements:

Dolly Hollerday

Statement 2:

I was right next to him when he keeled over, but I'm one hundred percent that his wig didn't fall off. Something like that's unmissable, know what I mean?

Statement 3:

It was my manager what bought the macaroons that I gave to the DJ. So to be honest, it must have been her what killed him. Yeah, Melody did it, right?

Melody Smith:

Statement 2:

: After Dwight collapsed, the director told us to leave the studio and go to the meeting room. I was with Dolly the whole time. We didn't go anywhere else.

Mike de Bonair

Statement 2:

: After Dwight had collapsed, I was left alone with him in the studio. I didn't want to just leave his dead body there, all alone. I mean, how could I?

Randal Mann

Statement 2:

: I called the emergency services after Mike told me to. After that, I was with one of the security guards the whole time, waiting for the police. He was just my type.

This is why I didn't show the new statements in the previous update, with these statements, it's clear who you're supposed to pick here.

It must have been the director, Mike de Bonair! He's the only one who could've been in the right place at the right time for both murders.

I agree.

After Dread's feigned death, Hollerday and Smith were together the entire time.

Mann, the sound man, called for help from other members of staff to contact the emergency services.

The only suspect who was on their own as events were unfolding, is de Bonair.

So it were him then, without any question.

Right, I'll go and get someone to bring him in.

Lucy leaves.

Music stops.

Lucy tends to talk out loud to herself when she's alone, whereas Alfendi inner monologues. It's a nice touch.

Goodness! Er, where's Dolly?

Oh? Well, that's rather strange. She said she wanted to see me...

Apparently, de Bonair failed to question why Dolly would want to meet him at Scotland Yard.

What exactly did you tell this man, Lucy?

I just couldn't get hold of him. In the end, I had to resort to asking Ms Hollerday if she'd help.

Agh, that little minx! She doesn't know who she's messing with!

De Bonair is not really living up to his 'affable' description.

Um, allow me to apologise, Mr de Bonair. I had no idea this had gone on.

I can hardly blame your lovely assistant. After all, if a man allows himself to be duped, it's usually for a less than honourable reason. Ha ha ha.

That's a bit of a strange line, it was Lucy who apologised; Alfendi hasn't actually spoken directly to de Bonair yet, and how would de Bonair know that Lucy is Alfendi's assistant?

Anyway, I must be getting back.

Just a moment, please, Mr de Bonair!

We do actually have a few questions we'd like to ask you.

Err, well...It's, er, not often that a pretty young girl wants to chat with an old fogey like me, so...why not?

Um, well it's, er...

Yes, this is an extremely serious matter.


Who are you people exactly?

I'm Inspector Layton, Serious Crime Division.

And I'm Lucy Baker, the inspector's assistant.

Well, goodness gracious me. I thought the police were supposed to protect the public, not trick them into false meetings and the like.

No formal accusations have yet been made, Mr de Bonair.

I see. Well, it sounds rather like I'm going to need to stay then. Bed will have to wait.

How tragic.

Good. It's really in your best interests to cooperate with us, if only to prove your own innocence.

That sounds rather like some kind of cruel joke.

You don't see us laughing, do you, Mr de Bonair?

Goodness, my apologies.

Anyway before I consent to helping you with your investigations, I have a couple of questions of my own.

Really? Go ahead.

This is what an officer involved in the investigation told me earlier on...

He said it was the tea girl who poisoned Dwight, and she committed suicide immediately afterwards.

Are you saying that's not the case? That this officer was mistaken?

No, the tea lady weren't the one who killed Mr Dread.

So she was falsely accused? Dear, dear, what an embarrassing mistake for you.

We always get to the truth in the end, don't you worry.


I heard it was poison that killed poor Dwight.

I wonder, what was the poison in?

Mr Dread were killed by a lethal poison that were put in his tea.

Yes, that's what I'd heard. And remind me, if you will, who was it that brought Dwight the tea? I'm terribly forgetful these days.

It were a tea lady by the name of Anice Brewer who brought the drinks into the studio.

Ah, yes. Of course. I remember now. A pretty young girl, if I'm not mistaken. Yes, that's right. She brought the tea to Dwight.

We can't be sure that the tea already contained the poison at that point in time.

Oh? Is that so?

Well, I'm intrigued. Do tell me then, when was the poison added?

The poison were added to the tea after the show had been interrupted.

Well, what an extraordinary idea!

Dwight died while the show was still on air, yet the poison wasn't put in the cup until after that time?

Hah hah hah, I'm terribly sorry. How rude of me.

No, Mr de Bonair, what Ms Baker said is absolutely right.

The poison was added to the tea after the show was cut short and taken off the air.

Very well. Let's take a different tack.

The wig?

De Bonair isn't even that old. I'm not sure if he keeps mentioning his age to try make himself seem harmless, or if this is a Japanese thing, since Lucy made a reference to Dread's age earlier.

Ah, I see. Yes, Dwight's wig.

Did you notice that the victim's wig had fallen off his head?

As a matter of fact, I did, yes.

I saw that dreadlocked mess fly off the poor man's head as he keeled over onto the floor.

de Bonair gets a new statement at this point

That's very strange.

Because we have another witness statement that completely contradicts what you say.

According to that statement...

When Mr Dread collapsed during the show, his wig were definitely still on his head.

That's what the witness told us.

Oh yes, of course.

I'm terribly sorry, you're quite right. I've mixed things up in my head. Yes, when Dwight collapsed, it's true, his wig didn't come off.

It must have been when I ran over to him and shook him. I couldn't help myself. I was in a blind panic.

I see.

I do apologise for getting so muddled up.

Yes, quite.

There's just one other thing I'd like to double check with you.

Did you notice Mr Dread drinking his tea at all?

Oh, yes. Yes, I saw him drink it.

Let's see...I'm pretty sure he ate one of those macaroons first. No doubt that made him thirsty, and it was when he took a sip of tea that he suddenly look choked.

The rest I think you know.

And another new statement.

I see.

Then it appears we have another discrepancy. You see, we have a statement that tells a different story.

According to Ms Hollerday, Mr Dread never touched his tea..Know what I mean?