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by HydroSphere

Part 37: The DJ's Swansong - Part 8

Not at all. I've made a mental note of it.

Please, Mr de Bonair, there's no need for raised voices.

Perhaps we all need to calm down. A spot of radio, maybe?

Sorry? Calm down?

Ta, Dwight! It's t'riffic to be on the show. Here, I brought you somefin'. They're ever so tasty.

Wow, thanks, Dolly!

Fax machine goes off.

That sounds like a fax coming in already.

So, our first request this morning is from, er...Ms Angel O Death?

'I'll be the Death of You'...? Whoa. Sounds like someone wants to turn DJ Dwight Dread into DJ Dwight Dead!

Don't you go dyin' on me, Dwight. I'll never live it down!

Well, if I am about to sign off for the last time ever, allow me to try one of your mouth-watering offerings first.

Hee hee.

Munching sounds.

Mmm, that hit the spot.


Dwight collapses.

Oi, wot's going on?

Dwight! Are you alright? Let's er, go into an ad break. Come on, quickly!

This is a recording of the show! Is this your idea of a joke?

Dwight and I worked together for a great many years, you know.

I'm very sorry if this causes you any distress.

I don't understand.

Lucy, would you care to explain?

There were a broken teacup at the scene of the crime.

You can clearly make out the sound of the victim collapsing.

How is this even relevant?

It was the tea girl who poisoned his drink. We all know that!

It matters a great deal.

A cup that didn't break is broken. A wig that didn't fall off is lying on the floor.

It's not that one witness or another failed to spot something. No, the crime scene changed subtly between the transmission being interrupted and the police arriving.

Ms Baker and I have come up with a hypothesis.

We've speculated that when the victim collapsed during the show...


Oh, don't be absurd, man!

I, too, thought it unbelievable at first, but if you accept that, everything else falls into place. Lucy?

Mr Dread and yourself discussed the idea of such a practical joke before the show.

You'd probably fixed on him drinking some tea and then starting his whole 'oh no, I'm dying' bit.

But when it came to the live show, Mr Dread improvised a few changes.

After the performance, once everyone had left the studio, Mr Dread got up.

Ms Hollerday and Ms Smith would have been in the waiting room, and Mr Mann had gone to call the police.

Which would leave only one other person in the studio. You, Mr de Bonair.

No doubt you made a fuss over Mr Dread and how great he'd been. And then you offered him some tea.

The poison hit him that bad, he dropped the teacup and it smashed ont' floor.

And as he crashed to the floor himself, his wig flew off his head.

It's these two minor details that were the cause of the inconsistencies at the scene.

Though Mr Dread collapsed after eating a macaroon, the poison was found in the tea. And though his wig was still on his head after he collapsed during the show, later it was lying on the floor.