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Part 39: The DJ's Swansong - Part 10

Apologies in advance for the short length of this update.

Eh-up. How come you're still here? We smashed your alibi's one by one.

My dear girl, I'm not about to admit to a crime I didn't commit.

No, it is not.

'No doubt...' 'I suspect...'

Now you listen to me. There's abundant and clear evidence that the tea girl killed herself.

To start with, there's the handwritten request sheet.

However you look at it, that request was a blatant death threat. It makes her intentions crystal clear.

Next there's the perfume bottle full of poison.

The same poison, I hasten to add that was used to kill Dwight. She was found with that lethal substance in her possession.

Finally, there's the fact that the girl was a die-hard fan of Dwight's. Her twisted feelings for the poor man are what led to this tragedy in the first place.

Can you refute this evidence in any way, my dear?

As I thought. So that's that then.

Hey! You can't do that!