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Part 40: The DJ's Swansong - Part 11



Ee, when did you—Funny turn again, eh, Prof?

This is probably my favourite case in the game, but this part bothers me a little. It feels like the writers couldn't think of a way to put Alfiendi in the case, and just ended up going with having both Alfendi and Lucy failing to spot a clear contradiction. You could argue that perhaps Alfendi did notice, since he doesn't say anything from the second time de Bonair mentions the bottle to Alfiendi showing up, but it does seem like de Bonair's first mention of the bottle at least, went completely unnoticed.

While I think the difference in hair and eye colour between Alfendi and Alfiendi is a visual cue for players, it does seem like there are some noticeable in-universe differences in appearance.

Alfiendi gets some of the best lines in the game.

That's it, Prof! Sock it to him!

Good gracious! I'm, I'm not quite sure I can believe my ears! Are you sure you're a police officer?

You're making me uncomfortable. I demand you allow me to go home, seeing as you have no evidence.

We have evidence.

Let's hear your patronising three irrefutable pieces of hard evidence again, shall we? If you dare.

I, I don't know why you've suddenly assumed this menacing tone, I--

Hmph. Very well. I'm not sure why I have to repeat myself like this, but...

Firstly, there's the handwritten request sheet. Secondly, the perfume bottle full of poison.

Heh. You have no idea, do you? The very words coming out of your mouth...


One of your three irrefutable pieces of hard evidence, Mike...

D-don't be absurd!

Lucy, do you know which one it is?

I, I think I sort of do...and I sort of don't...

One of de Bonair's three irrefutable pieces of hard evidence and a piece of evidence from the crime scene...

By comparing those two things, we prove beyond any doubt that Mikey here is the killer.

You said the bits of broken glass were from a perfume bottle full of poison, Mr de Bonair.

You blurted something out that only the real killer could have known.

Aye, about those bits of broken glass int' store room.

When I found out that's what the poison were in, I assumed they'd come from a pill bottle or summat.

But the real killer weren't carrying the poison in a pill bottle, were he? No, he were using a perfume bottle.

Heh heh. I know exactly how your devious mind was working.

You'd always intended to leave the bottle of poison in Brewer's hand, to make it look like suicide.

I, I don't know what you're talking about.

After you'd poisoned Brewer, you placed the perfume bottle in her hand and left the store room.

But then something happened that you hadn't banked on.

I very much doubt she understood exactly what was happening.

But she must have felt she needed to leave a sign. Something to show how she was killed.

Mustering all her remaining strength, she hurled the perfume bottle against the wall.


There's no way anyone could tell what sort of container those bits of glass made before they smashed.

Even forensics are still hard at work piecing them all back together.

Only one person could possibly know what shape it were originally.