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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 41: The DJ's Swansong - Part 12

If that's how you want to play it, let's listen to something.

Huh? What?

That was the first time.

But...How did you...?

I played you a recording of Dread's last show, if you remember?

Oh, you little devil, Prof! Fantastic!

In England it is normal for police interviews to be taped. Police interviews usually are not taped in Japan.

I knew we didn't have enough evidence to pin it on you. That's why I got you to come here.

I, I...

That was the second time.


Would you like to hear the third?


Ee, you've given up at last!

So soon? How dull.

This looks like an Alfendi pose, but it's used by both Alfiendi and Alfendi.


Prof! You're back!

Erm...yes. Sorry about that, Lucy.

No, no! Don't apologise. I'm getting quite used to it now.

And anyway, it weren't so bad this time. You snapped out of it without too much trouble.

In fact, I'm a little worried it were a bit too easy...

Mr de Bonair, there's one more thing I'd like to ask you.


You haven't once called the tea lady by her name in all the time we've been talking.

What of it?

Of course I do.

The lady's name was Anice. Anice Brewer.

This is a nice display of sympathy from Alfendi. It's not so much that Alfendi is cold or uncaring, but he is somewhat detached, probably as a result of the number of murders he's investigated.


I'll remember this, Mayton.


Yes, Prof?

Mike de Badair, I'm arresting you for multiple counts of murder!

I'm de Bonair, not de Badair!