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Part 42: The DJ's Swansong - Part 13

Sniffer is the only person in Scotland Yard who calls Alfendi Inspector.

De Bonair squeaked like a mouse on helium! The bunny spewed his guts out till he was empty inside!

Ee, enough of that. You're making me feel queasy.

Don't you want to know what the punk's motive was?

Do I ever!


Yup, but Dread found out about it. He started wringing de Bonair for cash like a wet towel.

So de Bonair bumped him off?

And what was the relationship between Brewer and de Bonair?

I've covered every angle on that, but I've got nothing. Zilch. The gink and the dame didn't have a scrap of shared history. They were totally unrelated.

What were they expecting? It was established that de Bonair didn't even know Brewer's name.

What about Brewer and Dread?

The more I looked into that, the less of a connection they seemed to have.

In fact...I'd put money on de Bonair just laying on the rumours that they were a couple.

I, I were just...

I'm not feeling very well. I think I'll head off home now.

Oh, well, I've got some news that might cheer you up a bit before you go, Prof.

Ooh, spill the beans then, Lucy. Put us wise.

Dolly's bringing out a new single soon.

Dolly? Are you talking about the young lady Sniffer brought in by mistake?

That's a bit unfair, given that Alfendi would have gotten Dolly to come in himself, had Sniffer not beaten him to it. In any case, Dollys' statements were instrumental in solving the case.

Hey, every copper pinches the wrong greaser from time to time.

Aye, Dolly Hollerday. This new track's causing quite a stir already, and it hasn't been released yet.

Oh, why's that?

Holy smoke! Isn't that--

The infamous request? Aye. The lass has got herself ont' cover of every magazine because of it.

Hm, she's a smart one...

But it's the B-side that's got me worried.

It's a bit of a strange title, I grant you, but what's worrying about it?

What, you don't see?

Don't see what?