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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 46: Kiss Goodbye - Part 2

Serial killings that took place four years ago. The culprit claimed twenty-six lives in one year.


That's huge! How come I've heard nowt about it?

We've kept it under wraps to avoid the press getting hold of it. I'm not surprised you know nothing about it.

A media blackout, eh?

What were the point of that, then?

I should think the fastest way for you to understand that is to look at the crime scene in this case.

So there's a common thread to them all?

No timed investigation in this case.

Seeing as we don't have any suspects, I can't have you guess who the culprit is this time.

Lucy is literally steaming at this.

No. So, let's see what the scene of the crime looks like, shall we?

Aye, let's crack on.

The locked room.

Without any suspects, it's a bit of a big ask to say who did it, eh?

For now, all we need to solve is how the four men were killed inside a locked room.

So, let's investigate.

It seems likely that these four men were murdered by someone who then fled the scene.

But how on earth did that person manage to leave the door locked fromt' inside?

We're going to need to gather more information before we can explain that conundrum.

So let's stick to investigating the scene for now, and see where it leads us.

Right you are.

The Crime Scene:

The Table:

A soporific? Interesting.

So the killer got them all drowsy before bumping them off, eh?

Hm, this could be an important point, Lucy.

We must make sure we follow up on it.

The bed:

The green door near the boxes:

The desk in the office:

The shelf in the office:

The body in the office:

The body with the television on it's head:

The fridge in the corner of the room:

Agh! A-Another body!


By 'eck, Prof, does nowt ever take you by surprise?

Not when it's written in the case notes, no.

Well you could've told me! That were a dirty trick, that were.

That's what comes of failing to read the notes yourself, Lucy.


The body near the boxes:

Takeaway food, is it?

That's right. It seems the gang had just ordered their lunch before the incident occurred.

Well someone must've delivered it then, mustn't they?

Of course.

So why haven't we got a statement from whoever that was?

Because we can't find him.

The delivery boy is the one I told you about before – the only other possible person involved in the case.

Oh right. The missing witness.

That's the one.

But everyone's been assigned to the task of tracking him down.

As soon as they find him, they'll us question him, I should think.

Assuming they do find him. Missing folk have a nasty habit of turning up dead in my experience.

This is a curious place to find beads, wouldn't you say?

There's a small hole in them, look. Probably from a necklace, I'd say.

Very good, Lucy.

I doubt there're many woman who wouldn't have thought of that, Prof.

That's all the evidence for this case.