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Part 48: Kiss Goodbye - Part 4

It's Agonni, isn't it? There's a clear difference between his murder and the St. Florian's one. In the original case, the victim were set alight while he was still alive, and he burnt to death. But Agonni had his neck broken first. He were already dead when his body were touched.


So the question is, why did the killer single out Agonni? Why was his murder different to the original?

Maybe the killer were worried about starting a fire? If the victim were alive, he'd be thrashing about, eh?

That's true. And all things being equal, it's not a bad theory, Lucy.

But I'm not so sure...

The soporific:

A soporific? Interesting.

But it would appear one of the victims hadn't taken any, wouldn't it?

They never found any sleeping medication in Agonni!

Yes. So why would the crime family's head man be the only one of the victims not to have had any?

Ee, the plot thickens...

Is what, Prof?

Think about it, Lucy.

If you had to pick one of the four victims as being the culprit, which one would you choose?

Eh? You think one of these four killed all the others?

It's just a hypothesis at this stage, Lucy, nothing more.

But if you had to pick one of these four as the person who killed the other three, who would it be?

Well, I suppose if I had to pick one, I'd go for old Agonni.

My thoughts exactly. And why?

Agonni were the only one not to have taken the sleeping pills!

So it must've been him that bumped of t'other three! Agonni's our man!

I would love to agree. But there's a big problem.


Yes. Agonni's cause of death. It was a broken neck that killed him.

And it was only after he died that he was doused in petrol and set alight.

So it can't have been him then. He were murdered. He must have been.

Unless, of course, he arranged for his body somehow to be set alight automatically, after his neck broke.

Seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do.