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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 54: Kiss Goodbye - Part 10

Just before the murders took place, Mr Mistry delivered an unopened bottle of wine to the warehouse. After that, somebody put a soporific in the wine.

Aye, but who?

There are only two real possibilities, aren't there? Do you know who they are?

Mistry doesn't get a close-up damage picture, instead Lucy gets this when she figures something out.

It must have been either Sassina or the lass he were kissing int' corridor there.

Yes. Once of those two must have been responsible for drugging the wine.

Yeah, dem two are bad news.

Me mam would do 'er nut if she caught me snoggin' like dat.

So it were Sassina and that lass who killed t' other three, then?

Well, more accurately, it was Sassina who killed them, after which he called the woman to come.

In fact there's evidence at the scene to confirm that theory. Do you know what I'm referring to?

Ee, it's the telephone in Agonni's office, isn't it?

I believe so. The last call made from that phone was to a nearby call box.

In all likelihood, once Sassina has finished the job and killed his three comrades, that's when he called her.

Meetin' a bird in de middle of the day, eh? Dat's a fair crack!

Barbarossa Sassina's de man!

Er, Prof, perhaps we ought to send Uttar home before we go any further, don't you think?

Ah. Yes, good idea. We'll be talking about a lot of things you probably won't understand, so--

Eh, don't mind me, alright?

Erm, I don't recall doing nowt. You don't owe me, lad.

There's no point, Lucy. Let's just get on with our work.

So, Sassina waited for his lady friend in the corridor where the couple exchanged a kiss.

Lexicographer Susie Dent once mentioned how people starting sentences with the word “So” is a pet peeve of hers.

It was no ordinary kiss, dat. Day were all over each other!

Quite. And you, Mr Mistry, were peeping at them as they embraced, of course.

Der's no need to call it peepin'. Let's say dat was recon werk.

And in the midst of all this, Sassina suddenly opened his eyes and glared at you?

Yeah, dat's exactly what 'appened. It was terrifyin', y'know like.

I 'ope no one ever looks at me like dat again!

You must have been very scared, Uttar.

Eh-up, I'm sensing a crime of passion again here, Prof.

There are three little mysteries we need to solve.

Who killed Sassina?

When did he take the soporific?

And how did the room end up being locked from the inside?

Aye, you're right, Prof. They did find traces of the drug in Sassina's blood, didn't they?

But if he were the one responsible for killing t'other three, why would have drugged himself?

Precisely. We have a second killer on our hands, who somehow got the soporific into Sassina.

Anyway, let's tackle the questions one at a time.

First of all, who killed Sassina?

It must have been the little lass that killed him!