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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 58: The Mystery Rooms - Part 2

The hallway and side door:

The wall:

The side door:

The door's locked.

But there's no keyhole, look!

How true. Very interesting.

Do you think we've found Etista?

No, I don't get the impression there's anyone behind that door. Etista must be somewhere else.

There must be a special way to open it, though.

I suppose we'd better find it, then.

WC? Water closet? So that's what's behind the door. Why can't folk just call it a toilet, eh? Call a spade a spade, I say.

The bedroom:

The chest of drawers:

The bed:

The stairs:

The living room:

The table in the centre of the room:

Without a winder, there's no way to hear the music.

Ee, that makes me want to hear it all the more, Prof.

I wonder if there isn't summat lying around here we could use as a makeshift winder.

The fireplace:

The bookshelf in the top left-hand corner of the room:

They're chock-a-block eh, these shelves. But there're four books jutting out, look.

Indeed. Verily begging us to push them back in, in fact.

Yes, this will require some very delicate...


Did you hear that funny noise? Nowt's happened, mind.

Maybe not, but more by luck than judgement. Did you even consider it might have been a trap, Lucy?

Oops. Sorry, Prof. I didn't think of that.

This is Etista's hideout. You should assume anything and everything could be a trap.

I will do from now on, Prof.

Alright. Well, at least nothing happened.

So we can push the others in then, eh?

Well, that's odd. They've all popped back out again.


I knew you were fearless, but I didn't think you were quite such a daredevil.

Heh heh.

That wasn't a compliment.


Hmph. Anyway, pushing all the books in doesn't appear to be the answer to this puzzle.

Perhaps, then, the order in which one pushes the books is the key. What do you think?

Ee, the order you push them in! Aye, that must be it!

Search the room and see if you can't find a clue as to the correct sequence.

The cabinet in the lower right-hand side of the room:

Hm, looks like this cabinet's locked.

I'll have to smash the glass.

I'm more amused than I probably should be at the way Lucy's first instinct always seems to be to try brute forcing her way past any puzzles or obstacles.

No, Lucy!

You might inadvertently destroy one of the traps itself, rending it impossible to get any further.

No, there must be a key for it somewhere. That's your way in.


Oh. Alright then, if you say so.