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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 59: The Mystery Rooms - Part 3



They're not coming back out.

So, have we cracked it?

Off to the bathroom.

The bath:

Looks like you could fill summat up from this, Prof?

Is there something you want to fill with water?

Not right now.

The toilet:

That's all we need from the bathroom for now; let's head back to the cabinet.

It's a perfect fit for the lock, Prof.

But it doesn't want to turn for some reason.

It looks very fragile, Lucy. You'll need to be gentle with it, otherwise it'll--

Oh, no!


Aye, that's done it. It's jiggered. Sorry.

Ee, now I've gone and made myself more work to do. What a wally!

We already have the tweezers to get the broken key out.

Prof, I've managed to get that bit of broken key out of the lock with the tweezers.

Ah, good. That's a relief.

Now we can get on with finding the key, eh?

Let's try not to break the key next time, shall we?

We now have a Broken Key as evidence.

Back to the Music box.

Look at this, Prof. The broken key fits in here like a glove!

Maybe, but it won't be able to wind up the spring.

I don't know about that.

Oh, look at that. The lid's popped open.

And back to the Cabinet again.

This fits the lock perfectly, Prof. We're in, I reckon!

Not a moment too soon.

I want to get back to the office.

You really don't like being here, do you?

Why didn't you just say no if you hate it that much?

That's all very well in theory. But don't forget it was Hilda who made the request.

Just who is this Hilda lass, Prof?

Oh yes, of course. You don't know, do you?

What, that lass I met int' corridor? Ee, I had no idea. That sounds pretty grand.

She's by far the most successful of our class.

Your class? Were you two ever, er...

Hm? What did you say?

Seems like Dolly Hollerday was right.

Back off to the bath, or more specifically, the Tap:

Let's fill this up.

Do you want to fill anything else up with water?

Yes, the game makes you fill up the four goblets separately.

Once that's done...

I'm not sure we have anything else that can hold water.